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About Me

I like to move it move it.

21, fabulous, single (currently), fun loving and moderately motivated. I frequently use inappropriate humor, love to eat, and hate to work out.

I'm graduating in May 2007 with a degree in English from LSU. I work for a nonprofit mostly doing telephone crisis/suicide intervention and community resource referral. I want to go to grad school for social work.

I've lived in Southern Louisiana my entire life. I grew up in an exurb of New Orleans (exurb defined), and now I live in Baton Rouge. I love it, but I'd like to try somewhere new for grad school.

This Is What I Look Like:
I'm in a coed honor fraternity, and it's the coolest. It sounds much dorkier than it actually is. I enjoy it.

I'm into a lot of music, although by into I mean I like to listen and dance to it, not that I like to proclaim that the artists I listen to are gods of creativity and tell other people that their music is not as good as mine. I mostly listen to alternative, 70's rock, 80's, etc.

I'm a blue vote in a red state.

I have some amazing friends, a sister who is a year younger than me, the greatest coworkers a girl could ever ask for, and a rabbit named Harold. All of whom mean the world to me.

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