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An Alliance Guild on Mug'thol

The name ďThe Grateful DeadĒ didnít start with a band back in the 60ís, it actually came from a medieval tale called ďThe story of The Grateful Dead ManĒ. I wonít recall the entire verse for you, but I will give u the basic idea:

An old helpless man was walking through the woods when he was overrun by a band of thieves. All his belongings were taken and clothes were stripped off and he was brutally killed and left on the road to rot. A few days passed and another traveler came along this path. Realizing what had happened and how the old man had been horribly wronged, the traveler found the means to dig this man a grave and give him a proper burial and set his soul at peace.

How does this have to do with us? Iíll explain: This guild has been together many years. Over time, we have evolved into an "end game raid guild". Some of us (the officers) met playing another game together called Asheronís Call 2. Obviously, this core group of people is very tight and as a whole we make sure all new members as well as each other are well looked after in one way or another. The name chosen comes from that Story, nevermind the fact I am a Deadhead.

What we wish to accomplish: Our goal here is to build a strong Team of players that look after one another, yet who are quite competent independently :p. As you can see with the PvP system in this game that is quite necessary, not only to enable lower levels to do quests, but also to take over Horde Territory. If someone is in distress or really needs a hand finishing a quest, a capable higher level will come if available. Please try to group together with other guildmates your level in order to accomplish more.

There is NO selling of armor or weapons here. If you want to make money off your friends leave this group. Donít you want the person fighting next to you to have the best gear possible? Now if it is some rare item and you wish to pay for it in someway or another that is between the two of you. Materials used for crafting items for each other are free as well. If you are crafting items you are knowingly going to sell you should be upfront and pay the person for the item so you both get something out of it. And lastly, I know we all need money so if you find something that u wish to make some money at the auction selling donít be an idiot and spam the guild with what you have found. Just sell itÖ.

What I (we) canít stand: Whining, obnoxious, pushy brats.. if you are one leave before I have to Remove you.. THANK YOU

Also if you party I mean really party while playing Wow please keep it in private tells. There are kids who play here and some folks simply donít want to hear about it, understandably.

Out of respect please keep the cursing to a minimum. You never know whoís son or daughter is playing their character. Thanx.

Thank you all for reading through all this. I look forward to seeing you all soon.