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Report #1 $1000/DAY REPAIRING NINTENDO VIDEO SYSTEMS You know how many electronic game units are out there? Millions. And with the pounding and use they receive, guess how many of them break down? A high percentage. It only takes a second to realize that there's a market for repairing these expensive entertainment tools that are often essential to household harmony. People want them fixed, and they want them fixed quickly. While Nintendos, Segas and other entertainment machines can be bought just about anywhere, try to get one repaired when you need it. It's often difficult for the average parent to even discover who will repair the machines.. Which is where you come in. You don't have to know a thing about electronics or electronic games. All you need to know is, who will do a reliable job of repairing the devices, and where are those service centers located? You can uncover the Nintendo and other entertainment machine service centers in your area and broker the repairs; serving as a convenience for parents and repair centers alike. Not just Nintendo but related electronics service centers may be too far away for the customer to want to make the effort to travel there, particularly if you live in rural areas where the nearest city of any size is a hundred miles away. if you can regularly load up your van with electronic equipment for repair, you can time pickups and deliveries to minimize your cost of doing business even as you maximize your income. Advertise yourself as a broker for electronic toy repair. You'll quickly learn who performs the most reliable work, who has the best prices, and who has the quickest turn around times. This kind of knowledge makes you a local expert, and you will be able to garner free publicity by being a guest on call-in shows, or by being quoted in newspaper and magazine articles. Even if you give out repair center names, it is unlikely to cut into your business; people don't want the hassle of going to the center and talking about things they don't understand. They'll hire you to do that. You may even want to expand your offerings to include personal computers, televisions (including those hefty wide-screen jobs for which you can charge a hauling premium), fax machines, tape decks, videocassette recorders and compact disc players. Arranging repairs for electronic entertainment units and other electronic centers will take the burden off the consumer, and they'll be willing to pay good money for your services. Report #2 MONEY FOR YOUR BUSINESS - UP TO 750,000 GUARANTEED! Roughly 98 percent of the companies in the United States qualify as small businesses - and most of these businesses are eligible for U.S. Small Business Administration loans up to $750,000, available to build their operations. To these businesses, the SBA guarantees of 90 percent on lenders loans up to $155,000 and guarantees of 85 percent on larger loans. The SBA even makes direct loans to eligible individuals and companies. As with any business loan, the SBA and its associated lenders look at the applicant's personal credit history, the business financial profile and management experience, and the growth trends in the applicant's industry. Among SBA objectives are greater support for women and minorities in business, aid to rural small business development, and urban business and job creation programs. The 7 (a) loan guarantee program is the SBA's standard program. It aids small businesses needing funds to buy fixed assets or for working capital. In the 8 (a) program, the SBA acts as prime contractor, contracting with other federal agencies to negotiate subcontracts with small businesses owned by socially or economically disadvantaged individuals. In 1987, 370,000 companies in the U.S. were owned by Asians, American Indians and other minorities. The SBA made over 1600 loans totaling over $400 million to these companies. There were more than 420,000 Black-owned business in the U.S. in 1987, up almost 40 % from 1982. The SBA made more than 500 loans and over 1600 8 (a) contracts totaling over $1.4 billion Black-owned companies in 1990. Over 420,000 businesses were Hispanic-owned in 1987, up more than 80% since 1982. A number of these firms took part in SBA programs. Disabled and Vietnam-era veterans who cannot secure business financing on reasonable terms from other sources can go to the SBA. Veterans can use these loans to start a small business, or to build an existing business. Small companies in the field of energy conservation can find financial support in the SBA's Small Business Solar Energy and Conservation Loan Program. Loans are available to a broad range of companies seeking ways to cut use of U.S. energy resources. The SBA's Small Loan program encourages SBA-guaranteed loans of $50,000 or less. Applicants should ask for the SBA Form 4 short form to apply for the small loans. The recent microloan program offering loans of $200 to $15,000 makes SBA funding available to even tiny businesses. The SBA HAL-1 and HAL-2 programs help handicapped individuals and non=profit workshops to establish, purchase or run a small businesses The SBA's Certified Development Company (CDC) loan program offers credit for small and medium sized businesses that fall between the cracks of programs covered by traditional lenders. And the Export Revolving Line of Credit program helps small exporters to obtain an SBA guarantee on a loan or line of credit. The SBA operates an information desk from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. EST. Monday through Friday. Call 1-800-827-5722 (1-800-U-ASK SBA Report #3 MAKE UP TO $3,000 A DAY WITH YOUR VCR Videocassette technology has created a whole new opportunity in, of all places, the area of still photography. Instead of having to take on the endless hassle of correctly arranging hundreds of 35 millimeter slides in slide trays, many people are choosing to have their slides transferred onto videotape for more compact storage and easier viewing. Most of these family treasures are transferred to the popular VHS format. Photographs can also be copied to videotape in a similar way. By copying photographs to videotape, you cut your storage needs and you greatly increase the convenience of viewing the pictures. You can also make as many copies as you want, so that the loss of a tape isn't a tragic loss of family history, as it might be with a single photograph. A typical videotape can hold two hundred or more slides showing for five to ten seconds each. You can tailor the timing to the customer's desires. You don't need a great deal of electronic background or special skills to do effective videotape transfers, although knowledge of the audio/video field can help spark new ideas for your business. The equipment for making these transfers will cost you between one and two thousand dollars for enough equipment to get started. You may want to rent some equipment at first, to see how successful you can be in your area without committing to a large investment. You may want to start off by specializing in the slide transfers. For your work you can earn anywhere from fifty to three hundred dollars per tape. As you grow familiar with the work, you can add music, voice overs and graphics to the tapes, value-added services that can earn you even more money. Not only can you put slides and photos on videotape. Transferring eight millimeter film or Betamax tapes to VHS has become popular as these formats go out of style. If you can't afford the equipment for this work at first, you may choose to broker the jobs to large transfer outfits until such time as you do acquire the capability. Videotape is a wildly popular medium right now because it's versatile, convenient and inexpensive. For the entrepreneur, that versatility spells opportunity. You can hook up with camera stores, pharmacies, department stores or other outlets that will send their transfer work to you. And you can come up with new ways to appeal to the general public, expanding your moneymaking opportunities with new ways of saving their memories. Report #4 HOW TO MAKE UP TO $500 A WEEK JUST TALKING TO PEOPLE seminars and workshops are today's main mode of learning for adults who are beyond the formal educational system. These short-term formats serve information quickly and efficiently. You can run seminars on any subject you care to. With seminar fees ranging from $5 to over $500 a day per person, you can generate thousands of dollars a day in revenues, with net margins of twenty percent or more. All you need is a telephone, typewriter, filing cabinet, and some forms and supplies. If you capture people's interest, you can sell a $500 seminar more easily than a $49.95 one. Fees for seminars vary widely, but two thirds of them fall between $100 and $500. Your concern, however, is profitability more than total revenues. Set your seminar price as high as you can without participation tailing off dramatically. And don't pass the point where more participants cause your costs to rise so much that profitability suffers. Your major advertising will be by direct mail. Direct response advertising, which includes direct mail, motivates the reader quickly. A good example of direct mail packaging is the Reader's Digest sweepstakes. Your meeting space should convey a sense of intimacy. You neither want a huge room that looks empty even with a good crowd in it, nor a too-small room that can't accommodate the crowd. The site doesn't have to be fancy, but it must be easy to find, comfortable and safe. The length of your meeting should be based on the amount of solid content you can provide. Don't try to puff up the length of the seminar, particularly if it means an overnight stay for the participants. To evaluate the best length, calculate your costs for half-day and full-day programs. You may find you can deliver the message effectively in a half a day, cutting costs and improving profitability. One risk in the seminar business is that you must commit to room space long before you know your revenues. Be sure if you reserve a room that you know the final date for backing out of the reservation. You want your attenders to leave feeling they have gotten some valuable information and been at least mildly entertained in the process. Will it be cost-effective to hire a speaker? At the beginning of your career in putting on seminars you may want to deliver the seminar yourself, not only to cut expenses, but to get a feel for what works and what doesn't. A good presenter has a solid grasp of the information being covered, a touch of showmanship, and is reliable and prompt. For a topic, you can show people how to present their own seminar. You can spice up the delivery with examples from your own experience, giving them a firsthand look at the field. Determine if you attenders want networking time. For many participants, the contact with other people of similar interests is the primary reason for attending. Finally, the seminar provides a great environment for generating other revenues. You can make money from back-of-the-room sales of computer disks, books, tapes, videos or other materials related to your seminar. Such sales can add thirty percent or more to your total receipts. Report #5 SPECIAL COMPANIES THAT WILL PAY YOU UP TO $100,000 MONTHLY FOR DOING ALMOST NOTHING! SO SIMPLE ANYONE CAN DO IT! Recently I investigated a special money-making venture that is so simple to operate I just had to pass it on you. The fact of the matter is you will get paid for doing practically nothing! The venture is promoting 900# services. I'm sure you're familiar with the television commercials advertising the "psychic line," "date line,' "talk other similar pay-per-call services. Several years ago, the phone companies (AT&T, SPRINT and MCD started providing special lines for pay-per-call services. I had occasions to talk to many people in the 900 number industry and what I discovered was absolutely astounding. Many people are making upwards of $100,000 monthly by promoting their 900#. I grossed $28,000 my very first month and had no inkling about what I was doing. You should call each of the three long-distance carriers - AT&T, MCI, and SPRINT and ask to speak to their 900# representative. tell them you want to set up a 90# line. You will find their representatives very friendly and helpful. Some may refer you what is called a "service bureau" which is a third company that will put you on line and often assist you in promoting the number. You become what is known as an "information provider" or IP for short. Thus, people call your number for their psychic reading, horoscope, for information, weather, sporting news - just about anything imaginable. Some of the service bureaus already have "pre-packaged"programs already set up for you to run. All you have to do is tell them you want to get started. Basically, your only job is to spend one hour a month placing a few ads in publications to advertise your 900#. The rest is automatic. People will call a 900# to get valuable information because they know they can get it instantly via telephone. You bypass the slow mail,, and you have a way of getting paid even from people who don't have credit cards. That's the beauty of it. Should you need additional assistance to get started with your own 900#, write to: DTC Publishing Company, POB 1606-MM, Ozark, AL 36360. and ask for information in their 900# course. Or send $49 for postage paid delivery. Their phone number is (205) 774-0990. This is a venture where you make money simply by letting people know you have a special phone number they call. Believe me, I've seen the computer Reports, I know people are making an incredible amount of money with 900 numbers. This is it. Get started today! Report #6 GET $10,736 FOR SOMETHING COLLECTING DUST IN YOUR HOME THAT YOU PROBABLY DON'T REMEMBER YOU EVEN HAVE If you're like most of us, you've got a loose collection of stray papers gathering dust in your closet or attic, and on those pages are recipes by the score, gathered from your mother, your grandmother, or your elderly aunts. You can make money - lots of money - from all those old recipes you've collected over the years. Did you know that advertised in the right places, such recipes will sell like hotcakes? Small classified advertisements for recipes in such national checkout stand newspapers as The National Enquirer and Globe have long been known to generate large amounts of money. Publications such as these sell millions of copies every week, mostly housewives who take their cooking seriously and who are always scouting for new recipes to spice up their weekly menus. Even a one or two percent return from such a large readership means thousands of dollars in your pocket. and that return is generated from the moment the publication hits the stands. Do you have a cooking specialty? Perhaps you've come up with ten fantastic new ways to cook hamburger, or your cheesecake gets rave reviews. Maybe you've discovered there's a unique regional theme to your cooking. Take advantage of it to make some big money! First of all, read those newspaper ads carefully. Look at a number of issues of the newspapers and observe which ads appear over and over again. Rest assured, those advertisers aren't paying classified ad rates to throw their money away! They've developed a winning ad style, and they're making full use of it. Study those ads to see what makes them tick. They're short, promising, tantalizing, aren't they? They spark an idea that makes you want to hustle to the kitchen to experiment, don't they? Now, start working on your own ads. Try a number of approaches, coming up with several that you can test in different publications. As you'll see, the ad need only be simple, direct, capable of sparking the reader to immediate action. Use high impact words that the reader's head will imagery of taste new meals. Best of all. you don't have to change much for your recipe or collection of recipes. Aim for volume sales at reasonable prices. If you write an ad that captures reader's attention, the money will pour in. Report #7 $100 AN HOUR SIMPLY DUPLICATING SPECIAL CASSETTE TAPES AT HOME Audiotapes and videocassettes are as common as books right now, and there is an expanding need for reproduction services. Businesses are the most frequent users of these audiotape/videotape duplication services. The business world is making heavy use of duplicates of tapes of conferences, business meetings, speeches, in-house seminars and workshops. You may also find yourself copying promotional tapes or sales videos. Beyond the business world there's an ever-expanding number of opportunities for tape duplication. Audiobook publishers use tape duplicating services. Musicians need promotional tapes of their work. Travel companies often want videos of the trips they offer. Parents want copies of their home movies to send to the grandparents. With more than seventy percent of the households in the United States having videocassette recorders, there is a large market for tapes of all kinds. In the videocassette world, the VHS format now dominates the market. The basic equipment to do the job cost less than two thousand dollars, and with some looking around you might find it as low as thousand dollars for good used equipment. The quality of your transfers will be important. Duplicating audiotapes will yield one to three dollars apiece. Videotape copying services can be offered at five to ten dollars an hour. If you have several machines in operation, you can see that you can make hundreds of dollars an hour. Keep away from Illegally duplicating any tapes, for example, copyrighted movies or audiotapes. Movie studios and other film producers keep a vigilant eye out for such piracy and they prosecute andy counterfeiters they uncover. If you really enjoy this field, you may hire out to do the original recordings, and then do the duplication, too. This will be more expensive and require more expertise, so you may want to plan it for a future goal as your business uncover. If you really enjoy this field, you may hire out to do the original recordings, and then do the duplication, too. This will be more expensive and require more expertise so you may want to plan it for a future goal as your business grows. If you don't have all the equipment you need to handle some of the jobs you're being offered, you may make use of larger services to do the work and add a broker's fee to the cost. Report #8 MAKE UP TO $7000 A DAY READING THE CLASSIFIEDS Did you know that you can make big money by reading the classified advertisements in your daily newspaper? Careful attention to the classifieds on a regular basis will quickly turn you into an expert on who is looking to sell their goods - tools, antiques, automobiles, houses, you name it. You'll also discover who is looking to buy certain items. The secret to earning a very healthy income is to use these short ads to match buyer and seller. The key is speedy response - you must be prepared to connect buyer and seller in short order, before they can meet up with each other without your help. If you enjoy swift action and the thrill of the chase, this can be a lucrative sport. Working among the classified ads is almost like doing the work of a private investigator, but you're searching for clues about what people have, or what they want. Often this is clear from a tiny ad unless you know have trained yourself to read between the lines. Keep in mind that at the same time you're arranging deals, you're trying to build your reputation as someone who knows what's out there. You especially want to build a stable of buyers who are always in the market for certain items. Your margin in arranging a sale to these people may be lower on each sale, but will have a route for generating quick cash. Once they begin to rely on you, people will come to you as a first stop, to find the items they want. Your services will provide a shortcut through the time consuming process of working through of the classified ads. Making contacts is a big part of this game, and knowing key people will help you initiate and close deals before the goods ever hit the newspapers. This will put money in your pocket with little work. For your services, you can charge a finder's fee to cover your efforts. So that you're not bypassed when it's time for the money to change hands, you arrange to complete the deal in a meeting with the buyer and seller, and you collect your fee. If you travel fairly widely, study the classifieds wherever you go. You may uncover items that are big sellers in one area ever as they lie dead in the water somewhere else. If you can't arrange the face-to-face deal because of distance, you may find it worth your while to buy the item and result it to the buyer at a profit to yourself. Report #9 HOW TO GET FREE FOOD, CLOTHING, COMPUTERS - ALMOST ANYTHING GIVEN TO YOU BY MAJOR CORPORATIONS AND OTHERS! If you or your organization has a worthwhile need for items you can't afford to purchase, there are often ways to obtain those items for free. By setting up a non-profit organization, you can accept donations of equipment from businesses and individuals who want to help the community while obtaining tax write-offs for outdated equipment. The structure of non-profit organizations is narrowly defined according by the Internal revenue Service, and the qualifying groups usually divide up into educational, religious, artistic or social service organizations. A non-profit organization exhibits certain characteristics. It is incorporated and set up to achieve public goals. It is exempt from federal taxes under IRS code section 501 (c) (3), and gifts made to organization can be deducted by the donor. It is also at least partially exempt from state, county and city taxes. Non-profit organizations are not set up for financial gain of individuals or for profit companies. A non-profit organization's purpose focuses on public service rather than profit.. Non-profit organizations provide services beyond those supplied by agencies of the Unites States government, and they occupy a spot somewhere between the private and public sectors. To set up a non-profit organization, you should write for the Internal Revenue Service guide called "How To Apply For And Retain Tax-Exempt Status For Your Organization, Internal Revenue Service Publication 557. In addition you will want Form 1023 and the instructions for organizations that can qualify under section 501 (c) (3) of the IRS code, and Form 1024, which covers other exempt entities. State and local laws and ordinances may affect your guess for non-profit status. Unless you have previously been through the IRS application process for non-profit status, you will probably require the services of an attorney. If you qualify for non-profit status, you may be able to get the attorney's services pro bono. In contacting a company, write a single-page cover letter stating briefly how your goals parallel those of the potential donor. Highlight the main points of your project. The cover letter should succinctly tell who will benefit from the project. Submit your proposal to local companies with the signature of your organization director. The cover letter should show enough spirit to interest the reader. A vital part of the donation process is apprising the donor institution of the nature of your organization and its management staff. Give the company a look at your recent efforts and achievements. Many companies are more than happy to respond with contributions of a wide range of items to deserving local organizations - and the contributions can save you a large amount of money! Report #10 SIMPLY USE ONE MAGIC WORD WITH EVERYONE YOU MEET AND PUT THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS INTO YOUR POCKETS - WORKS EVERY TIME! There's a single word that can lead you to greater income opportunities and greater savings when you are spending money. One short word, it's act that many people put out their minds for fear of looking foolish or stupid. Yet by performing that act, by risking the slightest bit, untold riches await you. What's that magic word? Try "Ask." Good things come to those of us who ask. It's simple as inquiring about discounts, offering amount, or coming up with an alternative. A polite inquiry never hurts. A well-phrased question can be assertive without being so aggressive that you turn off the listener and cause him to refuse your request. A question can open a door that your listener simply forgot to mention to you. A good example for asking is a hotel. Hotels will frequently quote a standard rack rate, but you only to inquire about a discount rate to receive it, saving yourself anywhere from ten to fifty percent on the cost of the room. What we have here is negotiating plain and simple. Negotiating is nothing more than the art of exploring possibilities and reaching that point where both parties feel they are benefiting from the transaction. It is wheeling and dealing, cutting a deal positive for both sides. In the current recession, asking for a better deal has become a more acceptable approach than it might have been in the late eighties. Companies want your business, and their willing to negotiate for it. All you have to do is give them a hint you're interested. Get the ball rolling. Many of us are too used to accepting the formal, posted price in a store to take a shot at bargaining. But bargaining can work if you're dealing with the person with the authority to change the price on the spot - and that could be the owner, or it could be the salesperson. Negotiating is becoming more common these days in small retail stores and other commercial businesses. One writer notes that understanding the other side is the most important element of negotiating, and right now the other side wants to generate revenue - even if it's at the expense of a large profit margin. Take a shot at asking a few questions when you go out to make a purchase. You'll find yourself saving a lot of money. Report #11 $5,000/WEEK PASSING OUT SPECIAL PRESENTS Everybody loves Santa Claus because he gives away presents. By giving away these special presents, you will be warmly regarded as the Santa Claus of the advertising world, and at the same time you are earning thousands of dollars for yourself. The special presents we have in mind are the popular discount coupon books that save people money at restaurants, hotels, theaters, bookstores, dry-cleaning establishments and hundreds of other retail establishments that rely on the general public for revenues. For you, these coupon books mean a healthy income with little or no investment. Funding these giveaways items comes from up front money provided by the advertisers themselves. By charging the advertiser for inclusion in the coupon book at prices as high as $600 per coupon, you can gross thousands of dollars. The more coupons or advertisers, the more money you make, and and you may have fifty, one hundred or even more coupons in the book. These coupon books are a form of direct response advertising that encourages the public to move quickly. Firms that cater to the needs of the public are always looking to expand their customer base, but advertisers like the coupon approach because it allows them to control the timing of the discount deal they offer to potential customers. These might be two-for-one deals, straight discounts, or a bonus with every purchase. You work with the advertiser to put the coupon together. The coupon doesn't have to be fancy; it does have to spell out the advertiser's deals simply and clearly. It should carry the address and phone number of the business, as well as a small map, if necessary. After preliminary approval of the design, you handle the final design, printing and distribution. The appeal to advertisers is that they can reach many more potential customers at lower cost than they could if they handled the direct response advertising themselves. Put together a short contract that sets out what you will deliver to the advertiser, and a payment schedule. Typically, you should receive about one-third of the fee up front, one-third when you deliver the final coupon design for signature approval, and the balance when the coupon is ready. If the idea of making money from a product that you can give away appeals to you, you will find this business rewarding in many ways. Report #12 HOW TO FILL YOUR HOME WITH FREE BOOKS, MAGAZINES, COMPUTER SOFTWARE there are plenty of freebies out there, if you like magazines, computers and books. These opportunities exist in their own little worlds, and while they often seem invisible to the average person, there is an active industry in all three areas. Take trade magazines and trade journals for example. Many of these are controlled circulation magazines that give free subscriptions to people in the field. Their interest is in building a documented subscriber list; the larger the list, the more they earn in advertising rates. In many instances, this makes it easy for you to be put on the list of subscribers, even if you are not in the industry. Controlled circulation magazines are especially prevalent in mature industries continually undergoing change in products and methods. They are a way of keeping their readers up to date in the industry. Electronics, computers, plumbing, trucking, aviation, foods, energy, fishing, floristy and landscaping, home furnishing, industrial operations, marketing, management, medicine, animal care, sports, sales, and many other industries feature their own controlled circulation publications. One source for uncovering such controlled circulation publications is the Writer's Market, a thick volume that comes out each year and is found in most libraries Do you like books? Book reviewers receive their books free from the publishers. And this doesn't mean you have to review for The New York Times. Publishers will send review copies to you even if you're doing short reviews for small local publications, or if you are writing about the subject of the book and want to refer to the book in some way. Publishers will respond positively if you have any way of making their book known to more people, so don't feel limited if you aren't doing a book review. Also, the United States Government provides a number of free books on consumer topics through its clearing house in Pueblo, Colorado. For fee software, you can use your personal computer and modem to download software known as public domain software and shareware from the bulletin boards that dot the country. Shareware gets its name because you are encouraged to download a copy to try out; if you like it, you are supposed to send the fee requested by the program's author, who will in turn send you printed documentation on the program. Much of this software is so sophisticated and so inexpensive compared to their commercial counterparts that even if you choose to pay the fee you are getting a great deal. Report #13 HOW TO GET RICH GIVING AWAY SOMETHING FREE The best of all worlds is to have a product you can give away free and still make money. That world exists. The product need not be expensive or elaborate. It can be something simple - a sticker with a happy face, a pen with a logo, or some other intriguing item. This marketing approach is excellent because you can give the product away, charging the recipients only a nominal fee for postage and handling. If you price your shipping fees correctly, you can make thousands of dollars a month. So how do you let people know about the gifts you have waiting for them? The best way is by placing classified ads in national magazines, an enormously successful method. Small classified advertisements in such national publications as Popular Mechanix, and The National Enquirer produce excellent returns on such items, National publications such as these sell millions of copies each week or month. Even a tiny return from this kind of large readership means thousands of dollars in your pocket. One advertiser noted his ads have generated returns of seven times the cost of the classified ad. Other advertisers have done even better. To put together your own ad, begin by studying the classified ads in these national publications. Study every issue you can find.. Note the ads that show up issue after issue. These marketers have created a money-generating format, and they're taking full advantage of it. Study the long-running ads. Note that they're short, but they contain a nugget of appeal that makes you want to send your money immediately. Now try drafting your own ads. write several versions that you can try in different national publications. The ad should be simple but hard-hitting. You want the reader to respond immediately. Use the words that create an attractive picture of your product for the reader. You don't have to charge much for your giveaway product. Aim for high sales volumes at low prices, a proven technique in this market. If you come up with an ad that grabs reader's interest, the money will flow your way. The technique of advertising giveaway products that people can receive for the cost of postage and handling has proved so successful that there's even a magazine devoted to showing off the free items that are given away by companies throughout the country. This 32-page bimonthly magazine is called Freebies. It is chock full of these free-for-postage-and-handling items. For a copy of the magazine, information about listing your product, and a rate card, write to Freebies, 407 State St.,Santa Barbara, CA 93120. (805) 962-9135. Report #14 UP TO $4,000/DAY WATCHING TV SHOWS Do you enjoy watching television? Would you like to use your television as a means of generating income? One way is to put the home shopping shows to use. Through a careful study of your local market for a wide range of consumer products you soon realize that the home shopping shows occasionally offer some real bargains. You can buy the merchandise and resell it at a profit, or contact the seller of the item and serve as a middleman to buyers that only you know, and collect for your services. Another way to make money from watching television is to watch the infomericals now filling the airwaves and become at television ad representative. You maybe able to swing some of the infomerical advertisers to your own media outlets. despite the dollar volume of work available, there are so many television stations that this is a highly competitive industry, with stations scrambling for advertisers. Because of the intense competition for the customer's dollar, there are lucrative business opportunities open to those individuals who are able to line up customers for the stations, customers they probably would have missed otherwise. These individuals are brokers. The broker's role is to find customers who are in the market for television time.. The broker funnels in the advertisers to the stations with whom he has established working relationships. By specializing in connecting the customer with the stations, the broker performs an important middleman function that stations are willing to pay a good commission for. Television is a highly competitive business, and advertising rates vary widely forms station to station.. Often, even large stations don't have the marketing staff to keep as much advertising in the pipeline as they need. This is where the broker come in. As a broker, it will be your job to uncover new business for your station clients. In dealing with advertisers, you will have to demonstrate that you can save them time and money with a combination of "inside" knowledge and attention to detail. Because a customer's budget for the production of television ads is always limited, he will usually have to choose where to spend the money most effectively. He will invariably demonstrate great concern for the impact he's getting for his dollar. The broker can help the customer make these important decisions. Report #15 THE ORIGINAL KITCHEN TABLE MONEY MACHINE - ASSEMBLING PRODUCTS AT HOME FOR UP TO $500 A DAY There's always money to be made from one's crafts and hobbies, and even if it doesn't seem so at first glance. There are small-scale manufacturing opportunities available to even unskilled workers that can be expanded over time. If you're willing to learn some basic crafts, you can turn those skills into a home-based business. First, consider your hobbies, or the crafts in which you're involved. Perhaps you enjoy making stuffed animals that children love. Or you enjoy throwing pottery or firing ceramics. Needlework, sewing, embroidery, knitting, jewelry making and tailoring may be among your talents that you can turn into extra income. Perhaps you're a good carpenter, and you can turn to high-quality cabinet making or furniture making. Maybe you can see a need for furniture repair in your area. Or perhaps you're excellent at crafting doll houses and miniature figures for which you can charge premium prices. You've seen all the good ideas that can be turned to your advantage with a bit of effort. You can make reindeers from firewood and tree branches, and sell at swap meets before the holiday season. Perhaps you're a computer programmer with some good ideas that will sell as shareware. All the good ideas in the world won't do a bit of good unless you find customers for them. If you don't think of yourself as a natural in sales, rest assured that you can learn effective selling skills. You may decide to sell in one or several different ways. Perhaps you want to start your own shop. Maybe your products are well suited to swap meet sales. You can sell the items to stores at a wholesale price. You can retail them yourself by advertising them locally or nationally. If it's a small item, easy to produce, you may want to take the approach of giving it away and charge only for shipping and handling. Advertise the giveaway in such national publications as The National Enquirer, which can generate thousands of sales. Or you can put your goods in stores on consignment, meaning that when they sell the items, you collect your money. Gaining the self-confidence that your craftwork is unique an high quality will help you to pursue more opportunities. You'll find that virtually by accident you've learned the skills end of the craftwork. Now all you have to do is to hone your business skills, and you're on your way. Report #16 $100/HOUR WITH YOUR PICK-UP OR VAN If you love cars and prefer driving to just about anything else, you can turn your interest into money-making opportunities based that involve cars and being on the road. You can combine that fascination together with another area in which you're experienced and put in on wheels to create a new, money-generating niche for yourself. For a one-person business based around a motor vehicle, the van or pick-up is often the vehicle of choice. It gets reasonable mileage, maneuvers easily, and holds lots of cargo. Your major considerations will be adequate power and size, the costs of maintenance and repair, and reliability. Using a pick-up or van, you can start a mobile detailing business. There' an increasing demand for high-quality detailing, particularly in urban and suburban areas. Detailing is popular because appearance pays, not only for those who look good, but for those who make them look good. If you enjoy working with animals, you can establish a mobile per car business. You can turn the back of your van into a deluxe studio where Rover and Fluffy can be bathed trimmed and cared for in style. What about mobile locksmithing? People who have locked themselves out of their homes or their cars need help immediately. If you provide instant response, you'll be a favorite with customers, police departments and shopping malls. Another convenience people will pay money for having their oil and oil filters changed without having to go to a service station. And depending on your interests you can go far beyond oil changes with the mobile maintenance concept. You can also do tune-ups on the spot, change tires, or make minor repairs. The key is to maximize convenience to the customer. Waste hauling is another lucrative opportunity. Our society is one where there's a lot of waste items that have to be taken away. Contact contractors, apartment rental services, condominium associates and landscapers to see if they want any trash hauled away on a regular basis. Think twice about accepting anything that qualifies as toxic waste, and don't get stuck with any toxic waste. You lay yourself open to major disposal fees for certain materials, and even larger fines if you're caught dumping them illegally. You may be able to pick up extra money by coming up with ways to recycle some of the items you're paid to haul away. Fix any slightly damaged furniture or equipment, and sell it at your garage sales or go to swap meets. You can also find markets for building materials. Perhaps you like cameras and photography? Why not be a mobile one-man camera crew? You can sell your photography skills by videotaping events such as weddings, parties, ball games and any other special events. You can outfit your car or van with all the equipment you need, and you can rig a platform atop the van for that special high angle that most people don't think of. You can also shoot on-the-road tapes of proud car owners in their favorite vehicles. Maybe you like variety - so you can combine these ideas in any combination that suits you. You'll find yourself making a lot of money - doing exactly what you enjoy doing, with no boss but yourself. Report #17 $100,000/YEAR RECESSION-PROOF BUSINESSES Some businesses seem to strengthen in times of recession. When the economy starts to slow, people start looking around for ways to cut back on expenses, and they give up the frivolous items in favor of the basics. Despite the recession, the health care industry is swelling with opportunity. Health care is more expensive than ever, and the health care community provides more services than ever. And, as the baby boomers age, the market promises to grow ever larger for products and service that help people live longer, live more comfortably, and live more enjoyable in old age. While you may be likely to come up with some astounding new medical breakthrough in your garage, you may be able to profit from by establishing a delivery service or selling health care products that will generate hefty revenues. As we said, people don't cut back on their intake of food just because a recession is underway. Instead, they will cut back on the fancy stuff and take a renewed look at how the basics can be made to satisfy their need for variety. A fresh fruit and vegetables always look good. If you have at least a small plot of land you can grown enough food to make a surprisingly good living. Death is another part of the life cycle that isn't going to stop for a recession, and a well-run funeral parlor will weather the economic storms. Debt collection is another area that remains steady in good times or bad. If you like telephone work, you can develop a clientele that will rely on you to collect on overdue bills through the courts. Plumbing, electrical, roof repair, termiting and other vital home repair functions will continue to thrive in periods of recession. If homeowners put off maintenance and repairs, it only means that ultimately they will pay a higher price for a greater amount of work. In bad times, there are always ways to thrive, if you are perceptive and agile. Never feel that because a recession is under way that there are no opportunities open to you. Report #18 WHERE TO CALL FOR FREE PRINTING, ADVERTISING AND FREE BUSINESS ADVICE! - WHY PAY FOR IT? Believe it or not, there are plenty of opportunities out there for you to get your written materials free of charge, for free advertising space, and free business advice. For free advertising space, many publications will write an article about you or your product if you purchase advertising space with them. One way publications sell advertising space is to agree that if the advertiser purchases the ad, he will also receive a certain amount of free editorial space. This free editorial space essentially doubles the amount of space you get for a given amount of money. This editorial space is devoted to an article about the company or individual or product, and it has the added cachet of seeming to be work of an outside source. The editorial company be written by the publication staff, or the advertiser may provide the copy. Press releases can be another excellent source of free space. A well-written press release on an interesting subject will attract the editor's interest. The editor may even follow up with a phone call for more details. The result can be anything from a paragraph to a feature article. All this comes for the price of mailing the release. Keep in mind that you want to target the publication that write about the kinds of things you are doing. Many telephone call-in shows will take calls from entrepreneurs with interesting products or stories. DTC Publishing Company, P.O. Box 1606-MM, Ozark, AL 36360 has a list of 500 stations around the country that you can contact to work out possibilities for free air time. Note that in approaching these stations you want to come across as something of an expert in your field rather than appearing to be nothing more than a salesman flogging his wares. A source of free advertising and marketing advice is Mr. Carroll Rollin, a former advertising manager for such magazines as Wealth Secrets and the Business Opportunities Journal, and a current associate of Direct Response Television Productions Mr. Rollin can be reached at (619) 263-0582 for free advice on how and where to get free advertising, how to start and promote a business, and how to do television and magazine advertising. For free printing, look for such printers as Advanced Printers (705 S Union Ave.,Dept MM, Ozark, AL 36360, (205) 774-7743). Advanced Printers offers a "24 HRS OR ITS FREE" guarantee on flat sheet printing. The company also offers information about its Elite Dealership Program. Report #19 GET FREE MAILING LISTS FROM FEDERAL AND STATE GOVERNMENTS! If you want to make money in the mailing list business, you should contact the state and federal government for sources of lists. What's available? You wouldn't believe it! From many states you can get lists of licensed attorneys, accountants, real estate agents, veterinarians, barbers, insurance companies, architects, nursing homes, cosmetologists, social workers, dentist, librarians, psychologist, manufacturers, licensed drivers, businesses, doctors, foreign corporations registered in the state, and many others. There are even 28 states that allow access to driver's license records! When you're dealing with the government, expect to have to go through several people to finally get to talk with someone knowledgeable about the lists that are available. This even more of a problem when dealing with the federal government. Again, be persistent. If you believe a particular list is available from the government don't take no for an answer when someone says there isn't such a list. here's a few sources to speed you on your way; FSS Surplus Personal Property Zone. This is a list of people who have bought auctioned government property from the federal government. It's broken down into several files (regions). An example if region 8-10 consisting of 38,000 buyer addresses. It's available on tape from the General Services Administration for $50. DOMESTIC MAIL MANUAL. 8,700 paid subscribers to the government's publication on postal regulations. It's available from the government printing office. CATALOG OF UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT PUBLICATIONS subscriber list. 1400 paid subscribers to this publication which lists monthly government publication. The list is available from the Government Printing Office. Call or write for current price and format. BUSINESS AMERICA, INTERNATIONAL TRADE subscribers list of nearly 5,000 names and address of people either in export related fields, or expressing an interest. The list is available from the government printing office. Again, these are just a few of the many, many lists available. Some are free. Most carry a nominal charge. Be sure to specify printed directory, diskettes, or tape format. It is also advisable to inquire and make sure the file you want has the complete name, and address for it to be usable - many files may only have a name and no address. Report #20 $1,200/WEEK "HANDING OUT" A SHEET OF PAPER TO OVERWEIGHT PEOPLE! That sheet of paper is a basic diet plan. We all know that people are always looking for a new diets to supplant the diet they failed to follow last week. You can profit from this basic, simple diet plan by giving it away free, charging the dieter only a small amount for postage and handling. You can make thousands of dollars a month. Alternately, you can hand out an ad circular promoting a special diet research and developed - and wait for the orders to come in. One man I know was getting back 42,000 for every 1,000 he distributed! The best way to reach these dieters is buy classified ad space in a national magazine or newspaper, a proven successful marketing technique. Ads in publications like Popular Science and The National Enquirer yield excellent returns on these ads. Because millions of copies are distributed each month, even a small response means thousands of dollars in revenues. To create your ad, start by looking over the classified ads in the publications. Study back issues and mark the ads that show up consistently. Note that the ads are short but provocative. You can bet these marketers are making a bundle. Draft your own ads. They should make their point simply. You want the reader to jump on the offer a diet that will cause weight loss painlessly. Don't attempt to pass yourself off as a diet expert. Food science is a broad and complex field. Telling people to undertake radical diets is a risky undertaking, because some people can kill themselves if they combine strong willpower with a physiological makeup that you, and even they, may not be aware of. And, wild diets are rarely necessary. The average person needs only some simple pointers. Keep you recommendations mild. Keep in mind that for most people, the quantity of food they eat is the issue. All most people have to do to lose weight is to cut the quantity of each food they eat each day. They would have to cut very few foods out of their diet, although the United States government recommends cutting fat calories to less than thirty percent of the diet. Obtain a copy of the United States government recommendations for daily diet from the Government Printing Office in Washington, DC, and build a menu around that. This will provide a safe, moderate diet approach to those serious about dieting carefully. 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