Woodys of the HT World Federation!
  Woodys of the HT World Federation! 

 Where all Woodys come find the Ultimate Woody 



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Woodys Of Hattrick!

Welcome to the hattrick world of Woodys. You can access our federation by applying on www.hattrick.org which is a football management game.
To those who are members we will be trying to organise a tournament as soon as possible. If you have any friends or know of any other Woodys then feel free to invite them in. We would like it also if you could apply for different offices, such as a 'True Woody' or 'Woody Wannabee'. 


    The Tournament will be explained through messages over Hattrick about fixtures. The games will be played mid week when friendlys would be played. The fixtures will be shown on the website and a newsletter will be sent to all members. The games have to be played before a certain deadline and then we can progress through the tournament.

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