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Welcome to Wonderland

Welcome! I am the Mad Hatter, at your service! This site is dedicted to those people out there who are random, fun, and like to fall into mysterious rabbit holes. Basically, I'm pretty random and sorta crazy! (not really. . .i swear!) Click me to send me any comments,complaints,or donations to help buy a domain name. Any input is welcome. (Good or bad :/) I also support various organizations and if you would like to donate please click

I also want you to know what my links mean. "Teaparty" is where you can submit anything from photos to quotes to drawings to anything really and I will post it, along with a name/nickname. It is empty right now. . .but should get full soon. (i hope) Caterpillar's Mushroom" is where you get to know me. Its kinda like a blog. . .but not. :) Yea it has random stuff, pretty much whatever I feel like putting. It's sorta entertaining and is updated on no particular schedule so check in often!

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