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Welcome To My

Anti Christmas Page




Yes Virgina Santa is truely dead he is now worm food

dont look for presents under your tree from him this year

your parents have lied to you all these years

there never wasa Santa Claus. You was played

for a fool all you kids was played for fools.

Get real how the hell can one man make it around the world

to every ones home in one night and how the hell can he be at the mall

and then at the wal-mart and on the street corner?!

Besides if he knows whos been naughty and whos been nice

why the hell does he have to ask your name when your sitting on his lap?

Did your Santa smell like Pee and Burbon ?

Thats cause you little bastards drive him crazy .

There is no Red nose reighndeer Frosts melted last year and he wont be

coming back either.

Yes Kids Christmas is truely DEAD!!!!!!!!!