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The Great White Educational Wakeup Myth

We all have hopes and dreams and that's good. But what isn't good is when that hope and dream is a myth. Sure some moles & unwise will promote it. I'm putting together a series of writings that discuss the myths-blunders of WN hopes, strategies, dreams. As having been in the movement since the 60's and meeting almost every known and important "leader" from then until know this knowledge & experience just didn't come overnight as I believed for sometime that all you had to do was present ideology in a smart and patient format and the masses who were blinded would see. A naive belief at that.

This myth revolves around the precept that Whites as a whole will wakeup and convert to WN or whatever White Patriot genre if they can at least get/see information, literature, website, forums, books, multimedia, etc.. Arguments will ensue on how to present this info and what this info should be; as some will not want to have associations with such likes as the KKK, Skinhead, Neo-nazi types but will want to put it into a unstereotyped and refined manner in which the media will associate with the latter mention anyway.

The problem isn't on how to deliver the message but on the truth and objectivity of the White populace so many WN put their faith into. Psychology and Sociology studies [1] have shown us people are followers and need a leader and will only bandwagon when they're coerced. History has shown us the exact same as the American Revolution wasn't as widespread a fight as history leads you to believe. Only 5% of the Colonists actually fought against the Red Coats.

Let's take a small look at the truth and objectivity of the White Populace:

White voting conservatives have no problem killing thousands of Iraqi civilians as long as it's called "collateral damage" and yet will tell us they're against abortion because it's a life. The baby boom generation aborted 1/3 (yes, one-third) of Gen X (mostly white babies) because a law said so and that kid would get in the "way" of job, fun, money or whatever. No evidence that Catholics of any big number have left the church because of the pedophile incidents; they constantly vote the Dem or GOP cabal and listen to nothing else; no remorse of us bombing Dresden or not caring at all what happened--but the holocaust is just "terrible" as they forget or don't care about the greater number of Stalinist Purges of White Christians; nobody left Judeo-Christianity because of Jimmy Swaggart or whatever fraudulent "man of God," Clinton was heralded by millions as still a good president after he was known lying under oath. How many instances do I have to give? And I'm suppose to trust the White populace of the US, that they do have honesty, objectivity and truthfulness? I see them as flaky.

For a WN to plug that all we must do is present a nice presentable message and Whites far and wide will jump on the bandwagon and really contribute and not be afraid/manipulated by the media/govt/corporate America isn't what they are capable of. The truth is that dozens of millions of whites do have a computer and WWW access. So what's stopping them? You want to learn--you will find and learn in this age of the Information Renaissance. WN isn't the problem, the herd is and the herd will always be the herd. Moral of the Story: Sheep stick together, the fight is to overthrow the Shepherd, not convince the sheep what they cannot and will never do.


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