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Elaine “Kira” Nguyen is a New Jersey native who enjoys hiking and gardening with her husband. After successfully raising her child through college, she can now devote time to the art world. She attended the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale and Philadelphia, and has an Associate’s in Art from Brookdale Community College in New Jersey. Upon moving to Maine in 2000, she began perfecting her art technique. The new natural environment allowed her to think clearly and be uninhibited in her subject matter.

She has several styles, all equally competent. Some can best be described as a surrealistic, naïve, whimsical mix. Strong, bright colors and black reflect her Russian heritage along with the use of her favorite pattern, the checkerboard. Others are somewhat impressionistic. The variation of technique and subject matter is dependent on her mood, greatly influenced by current events and personal experiences.

Most of her work is done in acrylic on paper with an occasional use of glitter. It is impossible to classify her work under one specific style, but it is unique!