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Hakgala Strict Nature Reserve

Size extent 1,141 hectares
Main attraction Flora

Hakgala, which is adjacent to the Hakgala Btanical Gardens, is the only Srict Nature Reserve (SNR) in the wet zone and was declared in 1938. In Sinhala hakgala means a special sea shell which is used as a blow horn by local ceromonial bands. The rock which encompass the SNR has a shape of this sea shell.

This is the home of the Bear Monkey or Purple-faced Leaf Monkey (Trachypithecus vetulus) and the Blue Magpie (Cissa oranata) both of which are endemic.

There are many other endemic species at Hakgala. Steady and unchecked encroachments to this SNR, for settlement and agriculture, are reducing its size and effectiveness.

(Source Daily News - Jayantha Jayawardana)

Home > Wildlife > Hakgala Strict Nature Reserve

Updated February 13, 2007
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