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Here are the clues  for the scavenger hunt!!

  1. When  was  Garth brooks  born?

  2. Where was Garth brooks born?

  3. Who sings the country song " Little Moments"?

    Ashley Simpson Brad Paisley  Alison KraussMiranda Lambert 

  4. What  is the  hit track  on Garth Brooks  new cd?

  5. Who  sings  whiskey  lullaby?

  6. Who sings raining on  Sunday?

    Jessica  SimpsonKeith UrbanToby  KeithUsher

  7. Who  sings Honkeytonkbadonkadonk

  8. Who sings  Laffy  taffy?

  9. Who  sings  lean with it rock with it?

  10. What hurts the  most is sung  by  who?

    George straightBilly BoydJim carryrascal flatsKeith urban

  11. What  is Eminem's  new song called?

  12. What  is Keith urban's new  song called?

  13. Which  rock group  sings Wake me up  when September ends?

    Simple PlanGreen  dayrascal flatsGood charlotte

  14. Who  sings Sugar  were going down?

  15. In  2003  Blake Shelton   had this  hit song what  was it?





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