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Here's the big overview of anlt.  The entire fiasco, with 5-3-5 devil tail zig-zag.  Note that as we attempt to make the final 5 wave, it continues to split into 5 waves ad finum.  That's what they do on a real strong correction, like the  Really, it's wave after wave of bear impulse waves and would be called a bear trend by most.  But funny how they continue to decrease in amplitude, like smaller and smaller wave counts.  It's as though each successively smaller wave kicks the stock while it's down, until the final insult by the smallest of waves.  Bizarre.  As we zoom in you'll see just how drastic this can get.  Next picture is zoomed on the red box area.

Here the devil tail culminates in the final 5 count.  That starts with the olive green numbers.  But it continues to divide as you will see in the next picture, zoomed again on the red box.

Here you can clearly see the final countdown to the C or last 5.  Now we'll zoom even closer to right now.

We are finishing the 4, about to make the 5 or the 4 is finished and we are about to go up.  The only question is, are we making a simple correction or complex.  The 2 was complex, the Rule of Alternation says simple.  If that's the case, we should go nothing but up from here.

Yet, it looks like a valid complex count to me, with lots of clues pointing to complex.  The 1,2 are exactly what I would expect, the 3 appears to be in the right place and we are making a symetrical triangle, very typical of 4's.  If that's the case, we'll have to dip between .44 and .40 to make a valid c and a valid 4 at the same time.

The triangle says down to .41.  Size of wave 1 of the c says .29-.16.  We can't go below .25.

Check out the action of the Dow compared.  The dow peaks caused up peaks in anlt, until it went crazy too much, then corrected.  Soon we must join up with the nice peaceful 45 degree uptrend in the dow.

We've owned the 1234 of zig zag tail.  Not much longer.  5's are fast.