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We The Fallen

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RECORDING HAS BEGUN!!! Check out the Audio link for a sneak peak at the songs



An Anniversary In Prison

It is still in the first stage, guitar tracks need tweeking and editing, and no vocals yet, but it is commng along very well.

"We The Fallen" is my newest musical solo project. This is heavely guitar driven music which will explore the depths of heavy metal, punk, progressive, and industrail music. A diverse project that truly fits NO current genre other than simply saying Hard Rock, each sonds will be a diverse journey of my life and my music. Major influences include Pantera, Alice In Chains, Killswitch Engaged, My Chemical Romance, KMFDM, God Forbid, Lamb of God, Metallica, Thrice, Coheed and Cambria, Fear Factory, Trivium, NIN, Dresden Dolls, and many more!!

The project is moving forward!!! I recently purchased an electronic drumset and it is scheduled to get here Wed. 21 Feb 07. This is huge since it will really speed up the writing/recording process, as well as add diversity to it all. Best of all since it is electric, I can plug the MIDI strait in and record, no worries about Mic'in a bunch of drums. At any rate it really helps since sample drum loops don't always fit the guitar parts I have written. Actually they seldomdo. So this will speed up the project as a whole. Hopefully I will get more time to record what I already have written now, instead of writing new songs to fit drum loops. Well Thats it for now. Later.

Dan D