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Mendo Rotor Assembely

Rotor Assembely (prodesktop): start by Opening a new design. Next load in your dowel. After the dowel load in the rotor block. Then center the axes of the hole in the rotor block with the dowel the you may slide the dowel to the middle of the dowel you may wish to reposition it later. Next add the magnet design. Once you have added the magnet select it. Go to edit - duplicate - and select the number as two. Take each magnet one at a time and center them just like the rotor block. Finnaly add the pin design. Then duplicate it like the magnet. selct the bottom face of the pin using the select face tool. Then hold the shift key and select the top face of one end of the dowel. Right click and select alingn. Then select the pole of the pin and then the hole of the dowel and select center axes. Do likewise to the other pin to finish your rotor assembely.

Rotor Assembely Podcast