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Mendo Base Assembely

If you wish to create a CAD representation of your mendocino motor,then your first step will be to make the base. The base of the mendo motor is a rectangular block with two grooves running along its surface. Another block is attached to this bottom component along with the mirror. The bottom piece should be made by creating a profile of the side view. Begin with a rectangle, 7.6 X .75 (units are inches). On the top side, make two grooves that are .5 wide, 3/8 deep, 2.1 apart, and both 2.25 from the edge of the rectangle. All intersecting lines should be perpendicular. Once the figure meets these specifications and fills in, extrude it by 3 7/8. The next part, the upright, is a square, 3 7/8 by 3 7/8 (units still inches). Then extrude by .75. The mirror is also a 3 7/8 X 3 7/8 square. This is extruded by only 1/8. Having completed all the components, you must now assemble them. Begin by going to ADD COMPONENT to add the grooved bottom part and the upright. Select one of the side faces of the Upright and the bottom of the bottom part and Mate. Then select the back of the upright and the back of the base and align. Also select a side face and align it with the side of the base. Then add the mirror.Select the front face of the upright and one of the large faces of the mirror. Mate them, and align the side faces of the mirror with the side faces of the upright.This should have all of the three components in the correct place in relation to each other.

Mendo Base Assembely Podcast