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WDef's Linux Miscellanea


This is just a place to park various scripts and stuff. The *nix philosophy embodies terseness, singleness of purpose, and economy in resources, so in that spirit I won't say much here for now. At some point in the future, I may rant my head off.

A Few Scripts

Feel free to download and try these, strictly at your own risk.

Be sure to read the README enclosed in each tarball for usage instructions and other information. Suggestions, bugs and positive comments are very welcome: contact details are in the READMEs.

About me

I like DamnSmallLinux, Debian, Fedora and whatever else gets installed on my hard drive without fear or favor. You can click to read the interminable saga of how I got FC4 running respectably on my HP laptop below.

My handle

Recently I was mortified to discover that my board name "WDef", chosen more or less at random, is also:

None of these should be taken to be associated with me and you'll be pleased to know that I have no connection, imagined or real, with any of the above, nor they with me.