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My Pet, Waylon

After viewing all the information on Border collies I can see so many traits of this breed that Waylon has. He is always sniffing like he is searching for something. By using certain words like "tub" he knows he is getting a bath and hates it. He will lay on the floor with dead weight, no movement.He knows where his treats are and will take you to them. He once had an accident on the carpet when he first came to us, so after that he was trained immediately and very easily. Waylon came to us in August 1996, he was just a puppy named "Nika". So we thought that was his name but he didn't answer to this name. A family member mentioned he looked like Waylon, Waylon Jennings. Since that day he has answered to the name, "Waylon".

The Namesake

Our dog,"Waylon" was named after American country music singer, Waylon Jennings. He was born (June15, 1937) in Littlefield, Texas. Waylon Jennings taught himself to play guitar at age eight and formed his first band two years later. He worked as a DJ throughout his teen years, dropping out of school to pursue a music career. On Dec.19, 2001 he suffered his worsening diabetes attack and had his foot amputated in Phoenix, Arizona due to infection. Then on Feb.13,2002 Jennings died in his sleep of diabetic complications at the age of 64 in Chandler, Arizona.

.The Border Collie

Waylon is a Border Collie. This is a hard working breed of herding dog that orginated in the border country of England and Scotland. They are regarded by many as the most intelligent dog breed. Though known to be reserved with strangers these dogs can also be protective of a human family member and affectionate to those they know. Border Collies vary widely in appearance. They are medium sized dogs with a moderate amount of coat which can be from slick to lush and come in many colors. It is much more useful to identify a working Border Collie by its attitude and ability, not its looks. Border Collies are extremely energetic and require a lot of attention. They are very responsive to training and love to play because of their extreme amount of energy. They have a highly developed sense of smell and therefore make excellent tracking dogs.