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Mind To Matter

Sunday, 17 June 2007

The tempered Youth
The land scape cold, and white. Many seasons pass, but this still dominates the mind of the villages inhabitants. Symbolic of purity and the hardships that come with it. It is a very sad day in the village, well an uncertain time. Only two dare to step out they're homes on this day of sorrow and fear. A young man, waist deep in the ground, shovel working to complete the pit, perfectly rectangular. The shovel is tossed, the man raises from the pit to replace himself with a wrapped bundle. Now he begins the filling of the hole. Young Carmen, filled with hate, vengeance in his heart, cruelty in his mind. One of two, the other an admirer. Lucefa, daughter of none, and all. Her mother the town whore. Rejected in birth and hardships are all she knew, just like young Carmen. The deed is done, they were found. The bet finished, a wager taken on by a young sucker, that he could kill the slayer. No problem now, eons was he past his prime, but the fool did not count on Carmen. He will return, a fresh village not yet claimed, he will stake it, so no other can take the chattle here. Carmen will wait, he was taught since a youth. He can deal with this hot headed rogue, and like the Elder always said, practice makes perfect. What better way to practice, then with the real thing. But not only for Carmen and the fallen will it be a sleepless night, for Lucefa will too be awake and watch either the victory or defeat of her love.

Posted by planet/warlord_1 at 7:10 PM PDT
Updated: Sunday, 17 June 2007 7:49 PM PDT
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Wednesday, 30 May 2007

The Elders Song
Our history my boy is dark and sorted
Since the Cosmos began we have known Corruption
Yet those that were charged with the greatest task
Are us that feel most punished.

She came from the darkness and seduced him
the witch played her spells well
Our poor master ne'er knew
The evils she could do

The work had ceased
We grew to know Sloth
Longed did we for toil
Fore ours was to serve
Wi'out; Orphans did we become

But as disease she infected
And that adored her did turn
Our poor Master ne'er knew
And his heart ache grew

Solitary was he
Suspicion ruled the Court
Struggles become commonplace
Pain no longer a Mystery

To his sanctuary crawl
Laughter a long gone Stranger
In those Hallowed Halls

Clear as a Dream came Reality
Sides were picked
Slaughter ensued
Of which we still feel sick

She was killed
Victory within reach
Laws of Sanctity She did Breach

Mortal was scheme
Virus was her crime
to Plague humanity simply biding her time

Slaves they would become
Through they're blood she'd flow
Infecting them with her hunger
spreading her contagious woe

Foolish were we to think it had an end
When ran did she simply to the realm of man
What shall we do, what road shall we take
Oh, what will become of our fate

Braves all were we
Take up the burden and banner
To follow that witch
To hell no matter

Thus did they pass
Thus did we form
To cleanse the world
Of that devil's scorn

Long was our trek
Many had fallen
More had risen
To answer the callin'

To hunt is our fate
To kill is the reason
No mercy for those
felled while screaming

We must halt the flood
This is our quest
This is our curse
No matter the season.

Posted by planet/warlord_1 at 5:09 PM PDT
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Tuesday, 12 September 2006

Don't lose your smile
Mood:  lyrical
NO matter what occurs, no matter what blight enters your life, just rememebr it will all be alright. It'll be alright, if you smile tonight. Just a little grin and my worries will be done in. Please don't frown, or my joy will drown, and down down down we will tumble till we lose the rumble of our hearts. Don't lose your smile, it seems so long ago. but recall it and continue on with a smirk like an embers glow. Pleae don't cry at the trifles of our day, it'll all work out, somehow. I know, its not what you wanted to hear, but its the truth. this universe we excist in is not for or from our design, we are simply here for a short while. Enjoy the life we lead with no regrets, becasue if we truly lived a life we chose, followed our path and trudged through the fires till we reached our paradise on the other side, then we shouldn't have any regrets. So girl, then please, if just for me, baby don't cry tonight, it'll all be alright.

Posted by planet/warlord_1 at 8:19 PM PDT
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Monday, 21 August 2006

The Elder
Carmen enters the home with wood cut, carried in his arms ahead of him in a neat little bundle. The elder is still in bed, awake, staring out the window at the world outside in all its splender. He is withered as a tree with age, but as sturdy as a truck, his hair on his head is thick in the back but thins as it reaches the forehead. A scar down his right side of the face, a dead eye; in the other hwoever a determination to live long, a cold determination colder than the world outside. He does not turn to look at Carmen as he enters the hut, he does not aknowledge his exsistence if he can help it. Carmen has started the fire and put oat meal in a pot to cook above the flames. As the house warms, the elder leaves his bed and heads outside to relieve himself, upon return the breakfast is served and ready.

Posted by planet/warlord_1 at 8:15 PM PDT
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Here's a thought
The world was bright,
The light of day,
In the dead of night.

Shadows cast,
They danced where the fell,
To the flicker of fire light.

Left the camp,
and still they remained,
following us,
as though...

We continued on,
deeper we headed,
the chill that came,
was a welcome contrast
to the heat of day.

The night was endless,
time lost all meaning,
except to those
that could track the moons descent.

The stars where in force,
too many to verse,
and yet of their bueaty
I must converse.

They pitted the sky,
of like ne'er witnessed before,
the dipper was bright,
the hunter was there,
to be found by the fires
spreading good cheer.

I walked with a farmer,
we talked and we talked,
as lighting bolts preceeded the first rain drops.

I end this dream,
a memory so sweat,
with the image of those nights...

A moon so full and so bright.

Posted by planet/warlord_1 at 7:11 PM PDT
Updated: Monday, 21 August 2006 7:34 PM PDT
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Hello devoted viewers, my entrees have been few and scarce but I have not forggotten thee. I am simply suffering from an unavoidable problem, the greatest antagonist known to writers...THE BLOCK! (audience gaspes in disbelief) its true, its writers block. I can't really think of how to continue. I'm considering having the old man be a mentor of sorts, the village destroyed, and his darling Lucefa kidnapped. Or I could have gnomes river dance and in the middle of the joyous feast a villinous pillage ensues where the only savior is a cloaked stranger. I just don't know, I'll come up with something. Usually do. thank you for your patience and consideration.
Edward Cormeret

Posted by planet/warlord_1 at 7:03 PM PDT
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Monday, 26 June 2006

In the beginning
Every other season pales in a world of snow, silky white, soft snow. From the mountains peaks to the valley's base is a chilled land of white. The only time when angels can be made by men, when forts and men are built to aid in the battle of flying orbs that sailed through the air. Carmen had no time to play these games, left on the door steps of the tribes elder and leader Dur'hom. The past of Dur'hom is vague and mysterious, he was here before the village was erected or settled. No one knows how long he lived or how he came about, but one thing is certain... he's from a city or castle. Far too educated for a hermits mind to be.
Carmen had to get the wood to elders chimney soon,the man was still very strong for his appearance, yet he is plagued by pain. His joints ache with differnet temperatures, teh cold is worst. He refuses rise from bed if the fires not lit, then Carmen is blamed for not having it prepared in time. He is kind however, as kind as can be expected of one his age, and considering his only ties to Carmen are charity he is not required to be loving.

Posted by planet/warlord_1 at 9:55 PM PDT
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Tuesday, 13 June 2006

A Twisted Mind
As I waited yet another restless night of pain and doubt, always waiting, simply waiting. The shade of darkness alters to a deeper blue, an abyss of light less shade surround me as I wait for the inevitable. That Cretan, it's taunting me... yes, how couldn't I see it before. It all makes sense! I yelled into the midnight sky, cloud screen over head so thick that God himself was blind to my actions. Quickly I jumped to my feet, the chain mail clanging as I charged through the woods, through the bushes, ignoring the hot breath that reflected at me from the inside of my helmet. I could see a break in the trees, they were thinning like my sanity. All I could envision were those eyes, those God awful eyes. Lips, as blue as the shadow upon womens eyes, and the seductive fangs, as she smiled like death does right before he steals away another child's from it's mother's arms.
The tree line finally ended, and there it stood, standing upon a stone in the middle of a clearing. Brown, chestnut hair fell to her shoulder blades, draped in a veil of black that covered her from her shoulder's, half way down her arms, over her curved figure and ended torn in a ragged edge at her calf's. Lucefa, my beautiful Lucefa. Death only amplified her Goddess like beauty, the only love I ever knew,and she was turned.
I stepped out of the trees and headed toward her, the clouds above broke only enough for a moon beam to shoot down. It encircled her, God himself was painstakingly watching one of his fallen, gorgeous children. I stopped paces from her, sword unsheathed and prepared to save my love, a love that was stole from me under the cover of night. slowly, her arms raised, in a hug embrace, calling me toward her. her hands moved as waves upon the shore beckons the child in for one last taste of happiness.
Come to me Carmen, we could be together forever. Young, strong, in love.
Lucefa Her name was all I could utter, I stood in the clearing head inclined toward the earth, in full battle regalia, pondering, trying to comprehend how it had come to this. Suddenly I caught a scent. Jasmine. I smiled in my helm, as that innocent odor teleported me back to my youth, back to my hamlet, back to my Lucefa as pure as light those many seasons ago...

Posted by planet/warlord_1 at 9:14 PM PDT
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The Reason of Excistence
Hello, this is the initial attempt at what will be many more entries. I am beginning to expand my methods of reaching an audience with my words, this is more for myself than anything else. I enjoy writing, quite frequently really, and I plan to post tales of hereos, beasts and dreams on this site, if you enjoy this type of thing. Pretty much this will be dedicated to author's who wish to post and express they're works to anyone interested. As this site evolve's I hope so will those interested in it, and participating. Mind you if you ask for any editing on a piece i will be more than happy to, however if what you write is truly fascinats me I will hound you for a continuation. Consider yourself warned. Thank You,
- Edward Cormeret

Posted by planet/warlord_1 at 8:14 PM PDT
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