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Man is able to know only two things; If we're very quiet, listen very hard, and are very clever. We can know how we feel. With a quarter of the effort we know what we believe. Every thing else is subject to change with out notice, and the best we can do is guess. What we believe almost always turns out to be incorrect...

For Millennia shaman have used psychedelic aides to free their spirits from the carnal chains that bind us to our earthly experience. To foretell the out-come of a battle, or to speak to the dead, but mostly to divine the weather. When to migrate, and other mundane matters such as guilt or innocence in tribal legal affairs. Techniques used to "Spirit-walk" or separate the body from the spirit are quite lengthy. Meditation, fasting, depravations, prayer, sweat lodges, hypnotism, drugs, self flagulation, and many more not mentioned here.

The Bible has a wealth of scripture detailing men being "taken into the Spirit". The Bible is the first place that I recommend anybody that seeks the "Spirit" to start looking. Beware!!! this is not for everyone. Humans seeking the "Spirit" are at great risk unless protected by the Holy Spirit.

Think about it. In the 60's tens of thousands, if not millions of young minds haplessly experimenting with dangerous drugs. As the result a great number of people were returned to their bodies quite insane. Some did not return to their bodies at all, something else did. The suicides! I believe that the CIA dumped experimental drugs into the population primarily in the SF bay area and New York city to observe the reactions to perpetrate further development, for weapons, for mind control. The amount of damage done to the next three generations is immense. The Altamonte Speedways "Rolling Stones" concert was an ear-mark of the 60's & 70's. Attorney Melvin Beli made all the arrangements and was responsible for who-ever hired the "Hells Angles" for free beer!! Free Beer heavily laced with what? STP? LSD? or maybe Jacobs Ladder? An engineered catastrophe! If that had been done to anyone but the flower children the casualties would have been off the charts.

Outrageous allegations, you scream!..."Maybe not" humbly decries the fly on the wall.

This is the story of Jeff Walsh's experiences out of body.

I'd like to humbly share what I bring from the 60's 70's and 80's.

In 1964 Life Magazine's cover sported Timothy Leary and his ground breaking research with LSD at Stanford University. I was 14, and I was also fascinated with Life's Magazine's feature article. Curing the Schizophrenic with large doses of LSD! What a concept! Within months I had my first dose, it was legal! Over the next 3 1/2 years I sampled from the forbidden fruit, but never had any out of body experiences that I can recall. Then in 1967, the year of the Monterey Pop festival it happened for the first time, by accident. I had a friend that had been studying magic spells incantations, and the Cabbala, and one of the things outlined in the book he studied was about astral-projection. I don't remember the name of the book or the author, but what I did take from the book was the relaxation techniques that were necessary to rise to the level of actually separating your body from your spirit, or astrally projecting.

One night, while partying with some friends, there was no party fluids, lubricants or other substances. So being on the innovative side, I had read that nutmeg would also get you high. (A little knowledge is often lethal.) So I made myself a strawberry nutmeg shake, using a cup of nutmeg! A horrible overdose. I was also suffering a slight rejection from a girl I had a thing for, so when I started to feel logy I when to my room and lay-down on my back, feeling the need to be alone. Meditating and using the relaxation exercises that I had learned from my friends book. I don't know how much time passed, but I began to realize that I had finally gotten high after all. But with a twist! Yes, I was hovering above my body about 2 feet in the air, and was just a little confused about it at first. Then the reality of my situation began to sink in. I was out of my body! The feeling was euphoric, I loved it. So there I was, floating above my body and having a 'good ole time'. I could see everything around me without distortions. After a couple of hours the rest of my friends in the house began to wonder what had happened to me until they found me on my back in my room. They were talking to me and I could see them clearly and hear every word. I was just giggling to myself as they began to become alarmed at not being able to rouse me. They were shaking me and slapping me, I didn't feel a thing, just kept giggling to myself at my big joke. Finally one of the girls who was convinced I was just faking them out, loudly announced that she would stick a large hat-pin through my hand if I didn't get up. I giggled more. She looked around at the group helplessly, finally the peer pressure was too much for her, she jammed the pin right through my hand! Again I just giggled, didn't feel a thing! My body lay seeming enert. She screamed! Everybody was falling all over themselves trying to decide to call an ambulance or not, but afraid for the cops to come. Her boy-friend with some unknown wisdom said let's try one more thing first. He returned from the kitchen with a bucket full of water. I knew then that things had gone far enough, and what was coming next. I grew up surfing. When he threw the water in my face, it was just like pushing through the crest of a wave while paddling out. Intense light, sound, wet, and slam, I was back in my body.-1967

Fast forward to 1981 about a month after John Lennon was murdered. Working in San Diego, for General Dynamics, I found what I was looking for all this time. A friend from the Gonzales Familia, was able to supply me with a large dose of almost pure LSD. I waited and planned my Trip. Practiced my relaxation exercises, and picked the time. This time was going to be more than recreation, that was clear from the start. I took the dose just before bedtime on a friday night, laid down on my king-sized waterbed, and began slowing my involuntary controls, (relaxation techniques). The ceiling became the focus, with light moray stained glass patterns gently paying across my point of view. The relaxation deepened, very pleasantly.... Then the ceiling distended, and a taloned claw pierced and tore a line across the ceiling. Little Gremlin heads popped into view, black faces, with pointed ears, evil grins and sharp teeth. For a moment we just stared at each other, I began to get a very bad feeling about this encounter. In a flash, the minion poured through the rift. Some entered my body, and the others sized me and pulled me through the rift in the ceiling. The next thing I was aware of, was being in some grassy place, in a witches caldron filled with some unknown fluid. The Minion were dancing around me and poking me with sharp things they were adding to their brew. Somewhere either behind where I couldn't see, or behind some kind of invisible cloak, some unspeakably powerful evil was watching in glee at the proceedings. As I began to notice more detail, I became aware of the fluid I was in, and the sharp things I was being poked with. My pain went from extreme to unendurable! It was the blood and bones of my beautiful beloved wife and children!!! They were being torn asunder in front of my eyes by the minion and added to my stew!!! I WAS AFLOAT IN THEIR BLOOD, TORN AND PUNCTURED WITH THEIR BROKEN BONES!!!

This is hard to relive. Before I go on with this account I'd like to interject my testimony I used for a Christian rock band tour:

ROMANS 2:1“Therefore you have no excuse, everyone of you who passes judgment, for in that which you judge another, you condemn yourself; for you who judge practice the same things.”

Although Yes, It is true that I've been observed to glean grain in the fields on the sabbath by the pharisees. I've also been blessed by our Lord in the most amazing and unexpected ways. I was born into a faithful Baptist family that sat me in the church nursery every sunday mourning and evening just days after my birth. I can not remember a time that the perfect Love of our Lord wasn't something I took for granted. Maybe my first memory is singing "Jesus Loves me this I know" as a pre-schooler. I never, ever, forget a melody once it's learned, and this song is my rock, my core, my heart. My life has wandered far, and been around the block a time or two, but never have I doubted my rock. It was a shock for me to find out later in life that this wasn't the same for everyone. Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil. My Lord was, and is, and always will be with me, ...this I know.


From somewhere deep in my heart, somewhere forgotten and unknown to me, I screamed the primal name of our Father. YAWAH I AM. His name echoed and reverberated. It triggered a planetary low sympathetic frequency that started below what I could hear with my ears, I more of just felt it at first. The four vowels of his name were an arpeggio slowly ascending, each harmonic triggering a new arpeggio, new harmonics, new arpeggios, higher ever higher. Not only just sound, but fire, with a complimentary harmonics. Up up up the sound was like a trillion screaming stratocasters, truly "the voice of many waters, the fire was a whirl-wind like on-to no other, It resembled the columns at the Vatican, where the popes give mass on Easter. Ever raising up, twisting, turning, twisting up right out of this universe. I looked and saw a myriad of bright lights moving up and down, to and fro on the column, beyond number. Angels on their appointed errands.

The arpeggio that our makers name triggered and became, was a major arpeggio i.e.; 1, M3rd, M5th, 1... and as the overtones triggering the harmonics ascended, the wave lengths be came shorter, finally becoming micro-waves smaller than quantum particles, then magnitudes smaller than quantum into another universe. The pillar of the lord appeared to disappear into a point, if your were looking at it from the base. The top of the Tree of Life is the primal point, connecting to, and adjacent to every point in our space time multi-verse. The Cabbala refers to it as The Ain Sof, or the unknowable gods head.

Science Of Harmonics

Another direction of research thats been showing surprising promise is the closer look into Hyperdimensional Physics.

Hyperdimensional Physics

The first century Christians believed that the Tree Of Life connected all creation; something I found out about later, in my search to make sense out of what I have witnessed. As a mater of fact many different sects believed almost, with different variations the very same thing. Moses and all the Israelites witness the Pillar of fire by night and the Pillar of smoke by day. The reason this has been hidden in modern times is unfortunate for all Christians. It's real I swear it. More importantly it tells us some very important things about our experience and our universe that has been hidden from us. I will keep working on my account to fill in all the vital details, please be patient.

How many angels can dance on the head of a pin?

All of them.

My attention came back to my own plight. I saw a great hand gesture toward the grassy area where this unholy scene had been taking place, Something, like a breath from the hand spread toward me and the minion. As it reached us the minion were immediately transformed into beautiful purple and black flowers. I was taken up by the hand to the pillar. Transported up with the angels through the frequencies past unknown universes. The feeling of wonder and relief, being delivered from my torment took my breath away. Finally I was in this place, ...I think there was a wall, and kind of a slope. I couldn't really make out much about my surroundings. Then there was a oval of light. It was somebody! The light grew so bright I could no longer see it with my eyes. But somehow I could see it in my mind, or maybe my heart, it is unclear how. The light person came to me and embraced me in the most wonder hug of my life. I could feel arms surround me and a body next to mind, but see only white light. The last feelings of the trauma I had just lived through melted away. The euphoria of this embrace was so strong and heady, I had never felt it's like. This was someone who loved me deeply, someone I knew well and also loved just as deeply. But I just never thought to ask a name, it was like there were no names here. Nobody loves like that here on Earth, there were and are no words to describe it. My thinking is that there could be no words to do the justice of that meeting. Just two hearts as one. No separations. This embrace lasted for quite a long time. Things were communicated but I don't remember what. Then we were at a high place, looking down on the last thousand years of our human drama. I was there for longer than a thousand years. I saw the climax events of our little drama. Then I was asked to make a promise. The promise was for me to endure till the end. I made that promise, and I intend to keep it through thick and thin, no mater what. Love is forever, no mater what.

My sister was a suicide. I burned the mattress she poured out her life's blood on after holding a shotgun to her heart and firing. Sometimes I had thought that ending my own life would be easier than enduring the pain we all suffer. So this promise had real meaning to me.

The light person then told me that what I had seen would be removed from my memory, so as not to cause me any undue burdens. The promise and the mercy of removing what I'd seen from the future were the only words spoken in over a thousand years. I had been there so long, I had forgotten that I had to go back. Then I was back. On the King sized water-bed. I looked up at my alarm clock, it was 11:10. about ten minutes after I had laid down to my meditation, and little expedition. Sober as a supreme court judge. Over the 25 years sense then, I have read everything that I could get my hands on, to try to substantiate what I had experienced. There's quite allot. I'm convinced down to my soul that what happened to me is real. But beyond that, what it must mean. Why me? What must I do about it? I've told a few people. I'm sure you can guess most reactions. Polite, but dismissive. A few people have taken it seriously, or I think they did. No one but my parents called me a bold face liar. This is the first written account that I've attempted. There are other events in my life that might add credence to these pages, I think I'll save them for later if I ever write a book. The human race is so fragmented that I doubt it would do much good for more than just a handful.

I swear before the throne of Christ that I experienced these events, and have written them here to the best of my abilities. I so bare witness.

Some of the things that have occurred to me after 25 years of study and retrospection. First is I will never attempt to walk in the spirit again unless invited by none other than our creator. He must have many things to do without having to come rescue my sorry arse. Second and the more important is what can be learned from what I witnessed. I believe the ancient monument builders on this planet knew the nature of the universe, and their monuments demonstrated just that.

Obelisks, pyramids, church spires, columns and many ancient icons are but tributes to our God that bridges the multi-verse. Today if you asked church officials why there is a spire on their steeple I wonder who could tell you?


The lighthouse at Alexandria stands out as not only a functional utility, but also a tribute to our creator. The Pyramids at Cheops! The Obelisks in Egypt! The Washington Monument!

Which brings up a very interesting observation. Did the Fathers of Our country know that one of our most cherished monuments was also a symbol of our creator's Tree Of Life, Pillar Of Fire, that is the core of all existence! I think that they did! But to our founding fathers the symbol has a different meaning. To the Masonic fathers that build this New Atlantis, The Obelisk signifies the knowledge of our creator that they decided to with-hold from the public! The forbidden secret held only by the top ranks in the order. The "Deal with the Devil"?

Sense the library at Alexandria was burned and all the books in the world containing science and music destroyed, This secret has been maintained. The Masonic order uses the obelisk to mark their graves, a satanic irony to say the least. Why the Masons think a deeper knowledge of God needs to kept from the masses is still a mystery to me. Some think that there has been some kind of deal with the devil and the masons. Maybe. They sure are, all on, about material wealth and power. For anyone who wants learn more The archives of Richard Hoagland's enterprisemission website

For more on the masonic conspiracy

There will be no time travel, other than in the name of God. The fact that the primal point makes things like omnipotence more understandable, Travel to any when, and any where instantaneously, would seem like child-play if you just have to jump from one point to another. The nature of our universe let alone the multi-verse has been hidden from the prefluvian time to this generation of Adam. It's sort of like child-proofing our play-pen.

Genesis 11-5 But the LORD came down to see the city and the tower that the men were building. 6 The LORD said, "If as one people speaking the same language they have begun to do this, then nothing they plan to do will be impossible for them. 7 Come, let us go down and confuse their language so they will not understand each other."

8 So the LORD scattered them from there over all the earth, and they stopped building the city. 9 That is why it was called Babel [c] —because there the LORD confused the language of the whole world. From there the LORD scattered them over the face of the whole earth.

The theme seemed to be to limit what men were able to do. Child-proofing.

Every now and then there is a world event that triggers my memory of seeing the event from the high place so long ago. 911 was such an event. The night sky over Bagdad both times the Americans attacked. The first tsunami. I don't remember an event before it happens so I'd be no use as a fortune teller, not that I would tell anyway. My dreams are another matter. One dream I remember well is one where 12 tornadoes of fire in formation march across the mid-western United States leaving devastation in their wakes. Another is the pacific ocean rising up and flooding the west coast with many giant waves eating up the coast. Finally war right here in America. Fighting in the streets, house to house. Armies marching across the US. I usually have one of the most unearthly dreamscapes I've ever heard of. Many times with nothing to do with anything I recognize. Aliens, alien planets, space ships, and alien wars are common. To many movies maybe. To many sci-fi books sense early childhood, who knows? My dreams are never dull, but occasionally I have a dream that I can't forget. I guess we could call them effective dreams of a sort.

I also have an old website about my music career when I played clubs and concerts.Just click my stage name below.

Beaudweenee Johnston

You can read a brief Bio there and see a picture of me Closing the Nightclub Stage at the 1989 Monterey Pop Festival. There is also a brief slideshow of some pics of me at a Monterey Cannery Row club. The song list no longer streams audio sorry. Some day I'll get around to rebuilding my music site, and I'd like to add a cam link to my studio. For now you can email me and I'll send MP3's free of charge so everybody can see what I'm about musically. Peace And Love; Jeff Walsh: