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United States Submarine Veterans, Inc. - Consider becoming a member of United States Submarine Veterans, Inc. Dedicated to submariners, submarines, vets, veterans, and subvets.


Central Region
West Region

District 8

District 8
Arizona Perch (SS-176) Base - Phoenix, AZ.
Corvina Base - Reno, NV.
Rocky Mountain Base 1 - Denver, CO.
Rocky Mountain Base 2 - Denver, CO.
Southern Colorado Base 1 - Colorado Springs, CO.
Southern Colorado Base 2 - Colorado Springs, CO.

Other Bases

Albacore Base
Albany-Saratoga Base
Austin Capitol Base
Barb Base
Barbel Base
Base 51
Batfish Base
Bay State West Base
Blueback Base
Boise Base
Boston Base
Bowfin Base
Bremerton Base
Buffalo Base - newsletter, a membership application, the USS Croaker, and links.
Buffalo Base - newsletter, a membership application, the USS Croaker, and links.
Bullhead Base
Capitol Base
Catfish Western Plains Base
Cavalla Base
Central Florida Base
Central Oregon Base
Charleston Base
Chesapeake Base
Cincinnati Base - Tri-State area base for submarine veterans in the Cincinnati, Ohio area, Southern Ohio, S.E. Indiana and Northern Kentucky. Provides information on the base, members, forthcoming meetings, how to join and links to other submarine sites. In Service to the Brotherhood.
Cod Base
Columbus Base
Cowtown Base
Crash Dive Base
Cuttlefish Base
Cyberspace Base
Cyberspace Base
Dallas Base
Denizens of the Deep
Dolphin Base
Dorado Base
Drum Base - [ ]
Escolar Base
Farragut Base
First Coast Base
Fort Wayne Base
Grayback Base
Grayback Base
Great Lakes Base
Green Mountain Base
Groton Base
Gudgeon Base
Hampton Roads Base
Harder Base
Hawkbill Base
Hoosier Base
Hudson Valley Base
Inland Empire Base
Iowa Base
Kings Bay Base
Lockwood Internet Base
Lockwood Internet Base USSVI Info Page - [ ]
BBS - [ ]
Long Island Base
Los Angeles/Pasadena Base
Louisville Base
Maine Base
Marblehead Base
Mare Island Base
Mid-Atlantic Base - serves DE, MD, NJ and PA. Newsletter, calendar, photos, links, submarine history, and memorials.
Minneapolis/St. Paul Base
Mobile Bay Base
Montana Base
Nautilus Base
Nebraska Base
New Jersey North Base
New Jersey South Base
Northern Virginia Subase (NORVA)
Northern Virginia Subase (NORVA)
Ozark-Runner Base
Parche-Thousand Islands Base
PC Stryker Jr. Base
Pelican Harbor Base
Peoria Base
Placoderm Base
Pocono Base
Ponce de Leon Base
Razorback Base
Reading Base
Redfish Base
Requin Base
Rhode Island Base
Rio Grande Valley Base
San Diego Base
Scamp Base
Sea Turtle Base
Seadragon Base
Seattle Base
Seawolf Base
Snug Harbor Base
South Florida Base
South Sound Base
Bowfin Base
So. Tier-NY Base - [ ]
Sturgeon Base
Tang Base
Tarheel Base
Tennessee Base
Thresher Base
Thunder Mountain Base
Topeka-Jefferson City Base
Tri State Base
Triton Texas Base - [ ]
Tucson Base
TULLIBEE Base Of Mississippi
Twin Lakes Base
USS Chicago Base
USS Holland SS-1/Gold Country Base
USS Maine Base
USS Oklahoma City Base
USS Robalo Base
USS Scorpion SS-278 Base
USS Scorpion SSN-589 Memorial Base
USS Springfield Base
USS Toledo Base
USS Virginia Base
Wahoo Base
Western Lake Superior Base
White Mountain Base
Wisconsin Base
Yakima Base


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