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WAHOO factoid - she was in commission circa 1942-1943.


USS WAHOO (SS-238) - CSP WWII Lost Boat page.
USS WAHOO (SS-238) - a WWII Lost Boat page.
USS WAHOO (SS-238) - a site that showcases WAHOO and "Mush" Morton but TANG is also given fitting tribute. Nice graphics!
USS WAHOO (SS-238) - another "Through the Looking Glass" series showcasing WAHOO's WWII sinkings by Ric Hedman.
USS WAHOO (SS-238) - NavSource Submarine Photo Archive.
USS WAHOO (SS-238) - SubNet WAHOO stats and photo page. [ ]
USS WAHOO (SS-238) - DANFS, Dictionary of American Naval Fighting Ships.
USS WAHOO (SS-238) - a U.S. Navy Historical Center WAHOO DANFS narrative page.
USS WAHOO (SS-238) - a U.S. Navy Historical Center WAHOO photo page.
USS WAHOO (SS-238) - Bryan MacKinnon's WAHOO home page and The Search for WAHOO (did you realize that there is an active search for her remains? Worth a look!).
USS WAHOO (SS-238) - Stan Cook's unofficial WAHOO site; Stan also runs "The Submarine Service" and "41 For Freedom" WebRings. Just a short writeup on (SS-238) under the HISTORY link.
USS WAHOO (SS-238) - a WAHOO page.
USS WAHOO (SS-238) - an WAHOO specification page, Submarines of the U.S. Navy, 1940-1945.
USS WAHOO (SS-238) - a WAHOO page that resembles the old SubNet document; by Yayyyy!!!!! [Included here because the photo page below doesn't always have the link to this page. COB (LINKS)]
USS WAHOO (SS-238) - this is the companion WAHOO photo page that goes with the text page above; by
USS WAHOO (SS-238) -'s WAHOO narrative/spreadsheet history.
USS WAHOO (SS-238) - a WAHOO narrative page by
USS WAHOO (SS-238) - Do You Remember This??; a past Polaris article, contributed by Bill Wolfe, Polaris Editor. An interesting World War II story about WAHOO.
USS WAHOO (SS-238) - photos and text concerning the lost U.S. submarines in WWII; contributed by Royal Weaver MTCM(SS)(Ret.).
USS WAHOO (SS-238) - a WAHOO page.
USS WAHOO (SS-238) - a USSVI Ship's Profile page w/Classification, Characteristics, Key Dates, Reunion/Association, Crew Lists (available on DeckLog), History, Internet Associations and Reunions, Photo and Patch.
USS WAHOO (SS-238) - an identical page to the USSVI page above by