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This site is still under deep construction. Also facing a major network difficulty please check in later, thank you for your patience.

February 28th 2007 OBD trouble codes2 By: Admin

    Today, I have added 2 other different type of vehicles a 5.7L NGC type and a Diesel Fuel Injected system type. Both of their codes are up, yet still the access in the codes are still unavailable. This will gradually grow until I have all the codes availabilities into work order by late this year. Please check back for more information or updates, if you have any questions or concerns you can contact me on our "Contact Us" page on an exclusive Navi Bar. Again, thank you.
February 17th 2007 OBD trouble codes By: Admin

    I am now currently installing all trouble codes that may appear on front dashboard of any vehicle or make. This project is quite unstable but soon to be one strong database that will offer the highest of demands to easy access and more user friendly. Thank You.
October 19th 2006 World Wide Web By: Admin

    Congratulation a new born site soon to be one of the biggest networks to live on the web tomorrow. our site is linked and ready to be a part of the surf world web today. Any questions, comments or concerns id be glad to answer them and or follow along on the road ahead.
October 9th 2006 Site Update By: Admin

    Site is now being under construction and main layers have been now equipped in this server. In two weeks time this site should be in full service and available on the main world wide web.


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