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The Village of Bryson

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The History of Bryson
Bryson, Past and Present (1st page)
Bryson, Past and Present (2nd page)
Event Photos (1st page)
Event Photos (2nd page)

(All the photo's pages are set of alike for easy access and neatness, and the photo at the top was just a guide for me)

This is where all the up coming event would be stored and edited for the time frame that they are in.

The addresses and phone numbers of the municipality, town hall, mayor and the e-mail address of the desingner would also be here but near the bottom. I will also plave a guest book for questions and comments to the site. The picture at the top is just and example.

EX: Coming events:Bryson picnic on Augest 2th 2006: What happens at this event is people from the pontiac come to this event and have fun, etc etc etc....

Phone Numbers/Address of importance: Municipality: (819)555-5555;(address), Town Hall: (819) 555-5555;(address), Mayor Al Davis: (819) 555-5555; (address), Web Page Desinger: (check bottom of page for e-mail)

Thank you for visiting the Village of Bryson's web page.

NOTE: I now that there are no photos on the pages yet, that it because i have no photos to place, and all pages are in colour even though they are in black and white on the paper, and during printing none of the borders had shown up for the reason that it is in black and white.Also please leave into consideration that this site is only rough and not finished.

If you would like to see the page in colour go to