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Hey, welcome to the Versus site. A buddy of mine and I got into some pretty heated arguments one day about who would crush who in both the DC and Marvel Universes. So we decided to create a series of polls to see what people thought. Feel free to vote on any poll you want, and let us know what you think. Feel free to click the wikipedia link on the pages if you need to become more informed about a character. We know there are all kinds of situations that can alter the outcome of these battles, but just make your judgement and logic of who would come out on top most often. Also, feel free to head to the message boards and leave us feed back, request match ups or further discuss the fights on the site. Thanks and Enjoy.

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1. Superman Vs The Hulk
2. Batman Vs Bullseye
3. Silver Surfer Vs Spectre
4. Winter Soldier Vs Nightwing
5. Ms. Marvel Vs Wonder Woman
6. Lady Shiva Vs Elektra
7. The Hulk vs Solomon Grundy
8. The Punisher vs Green Arrow
9. Batman Vs Wolverine
10. Iceman Vs Green Lantern
11. Iron Man Vs Martian Manhunter
12. Magneto Vs Wonder Woman
13. Black Widow Vs Huntress
14. Darkseid Vs The Hulk
15. Superman Vs Dr. Doom
16. Captain America Vs The Flash
17. Ultimate Spider-Man Vs Robin
18. Superman Vs Thor
19. Darkseid Vs Apocalypse
20. Cyclops Vs Nightwing
21. Catwoman Vs Black Cat
22. Storm Vs Mary Marvel
23. Black Adam Vs The Hulk
24. Mongul Vs Thanos
25. Zatanna Vs Storm
26. Fire Vs The Human Torch
27. Mr. Fantastic Vs Lex Luthor
28. Spiderman Vs Nightwing
29. The Thing Vs Martian Manhunter
30. Ultron Vs Braniac
31. Venom Vs Lobo
32. The Incredibles Vs The Fantastic Four
33. Batman Vs Dr. Doom
34. Spider-Man Vs Wolverine
35. Nightwing Vs Daredevil
36. Parallax Vs Dark Phoenix
37. Ghost Rider Vs The Spectre
38. The Joker Vs The Green Goblin
39. Doomsday Vs The Hulk
40. Dr. Doom Vs Lex Luthor
41. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Vs The Incredibles
42. She-Hulk Vs Big Barda
43. Supergirl Vs Spider-Woman
44. Batman Vs Superman
45. Hellboy Vs Ghost Rider
46. Psylocke Vs Batgirl
47. Hawkgirl Vs Kitty Pryde
48. Mr. Fantastic Vs Mr. Terrific
49. Batman Vs Spider-Man
50. Batman Vs Captain America
51. Aquaman Vs Namor
52. Wonder Woman Vs Storm
53. The Atom Vs Ant-Man
54. Mr. Freeze Vs Iceman
55. Jason Todd vs The Punisher
56. Ultimate Hulk vs The Hulk