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Welcome To The NEWEST Cheer Program In


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Valley Athletics All-Stars!!!

We want to apoligize aboutt he DELAY of the webishgt, but come back soon for all the information you might want to know, and remember....WE ARE ELITE LEVEL TEAM..

Our colors are Black and Yellow, Silver, White Choes, HAirpeices

IT's OUR time to BUST OUT with a awesome team for our first yeat in competition and group creation!!

Did i mention NO FEE'S???? YEEAH I DID.... members whjo are part of the team, will pay a flat low rste, used soley for the purpose for gym rentals, or fee's that affect the team etc..... WE MEAN LOW, WE GUARANTEE THE BEST PRICE IN THE FIRST OAST AREA!!!

PLEASE come back soonm and check us out, Valley Athletics All- Star Co-ed Cheerleaders!!!!