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The Virginia Defense Force

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The Virginia Defense Force (VADF) is an all volunteer formal military organization working specifically to assist local and state public agencies throughout the Commonwealth whenever and wherever the help is needed. Our mission is to assist the Virginia National Guard in performing in-state missions as specified by the Governor of the Commonwealth. Additionally, to assume the mission of the Virginia National Guard (VANG) when they be deployed out of state or country. The VADF assists in securing VANG armories upon their deployments out of country; work with family assistance and other missions until their return to CONUS.

The VADF is the state's only military force that is independent of federal control. The force is so much more than a military organization. With units located through out the Commonwealth the force can move into stricken areas quickly to interact with and assist local authorities and restore community integrity as soon as possible. We are a volunteer force, somewhat like your volunteer firefighters and squads men. The VADF is called to assist with conditions during natural disasters to include blizzards, hurricanes, tornadoes and other disasters. VADF personnel have become familiar faces working in towns and cities to bring aid and comfort to their neighbors.

If you want to be part of a satisfying path of service; learn new skills; and exercise leadership while working closely with your neighbors and community; why not consider joining the Virginia Defense Force? Giving back to your Commonwealth and to your community is quite satisfying and rewarding too. VADF gives volunteers the opportunity to network with the finest people in Virginia and along the way volunteers learn new skills, put their current skills to work and, thus, gain great satisfaction from giving of time and talents for a common cause.

The Virginia Defense Force takes volunteers from age 16 (with written consent of parents/guardian) through age 65. Volunteers can have prior military service and we also accept volunteers with no military service. The Virginia Defense Force is an organization of volunteers who buy their own uniforms, pay for their transportation to and from each monthly drill but in doing so they gain so much valuable life experience and give so much back to Commonwealth.