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Episode 1, *Beginnings/Thehelluride/Battlefronts*

The Wayfarer made her way back to the Indri Highway, where they left off. Old friends reared their horns, Pearson Altaire, now Pearson Ferrin, and Director of Antiquities Samuel Ferrin, the adventure packed mission lead to many away teams and loses and many questionable times with the children. While on the planet it was discovered that the sun was going to go supernova, an immediate evacuation of the planets colonies and aliens. The society was a pre-warp society so it was decided that they would proceed to the massive planet Indrii Prime where they met up with the space station in her orbit, the newly founded federation station Indrii Prime.

As they arrived to Indri Prime they met up with the officers of the elite forces, better known as the Pathfinder Alliance, and did a joint mission with the Stations sentient ship the Tiberton. They encountered the enemy which was later shown as the "Zaj"" once thought to be an ancient society that disevolved. In actuality the evolved into a force that is seeking domination. The federation council declares war and will not stand.

Promotions: Commander Pacific Ray to Executive Officer
New Faces: Commander Ryan Dunmore, AXO, Lt. Charles Darwin XV, CIO,  Doctor Daniel Jackson (Civilian) Chief Sciences, Archaeology Specialist
Demotions: Lt. Matthew Hall to Lt. (jg) and CTO
Losses: Commander Journee to a deep space science mission
Lt. Jonathon Blair, Cheif Intellegence Officer
Posting Numbers: 200+

Episode 2, **


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