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  Name: Radella Forge
Home Planet: Earth
Position: Cheif Medical Officer
Distinguishing Marks:
Rank: Lieutenant Commander
Species: Humanoid

Hair: Blonde

Personal Information

Radella is from a humanoid type race. They have a long life expectancy. She is very young for her age. Her people live to be two hundred or more in human type years.
 She is playful and full of energy and a real go getter. She loves science, music and the medical arts. She also likes making things with her hands.
Radella comes from a long line of officers in her family. Both her parents were in the military and her father was in special ops.
 She is strong but her family can be her only weekness that someone can use agaist her.
She is compassionate and has a great bedside manner for a doctor. Most of whom she thought were calloused and hated their jobs.
She has a great sense for adventure and loves to meet new races and cultures. She loves food and can cook if allowed to. Likes to try new things and foods to mimic her likes.
Hobbies: not compiled
Personal Achievement:
Parents: Not compiled
Siblings: Not Compiled
Spouse: Not Compiled
Children: Not Compiled
Relationship Status: Single

Starfleet Personnel Record

Psychological Profile: Service Record:
USS Calahan
USS Raven
USS Woebegone
Special Ops. Callsified Level 3
Special Ops. Classified Level 2
USS Intrepid classified level 3

Entrance: 2359
Graduation: 2364
Area's Of Study: Medical School/Special Ops.

Awards Not Compiled
Reprimands: Extra Commendation: