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With Each Legend has a history... here is hers... the Great Wayfarer...


One of the first deep space explorers, the DY-100 mk. 2 was chosen to bear the name, Wayfarer, she was a great explorer of her time, later dwarfed by the N.X. Explorers of the latter years.

Commanded by: Mjr. Tom Brazeau, Colonel Brazan Nagrella
Name/Registry: Wayfarer/255
Status: Never found

NX-10 (Invincible Class)

The NX-10 INVINCIBLE is the latest in new-generation Warp-Ships created by the Pre-Federation.
Unlike the trailblazing NX-01 series, this class of NX vessel is equipped with state-of-the-art technologies, including a faster more efficient Warp Engine capable of Warp 8. Although the Hull-Plating can still be polarized, the NX-10 is the first class of vessel to be fitted with 'Shields'.

 Commanded By: Admiral Bradly Nechinneh (Seventh Fleet Lead Vessel)
Name/Registry: Wayfarer/NX-32
Status: Retired

Excelsior Mk. I

As the race for the coveted, transwarp continued, the Excelsior Class was introduced, once thought that it would be the first to complete this mission, Starfleet was mistaken. Later re-classed to a deep range explorer, it only seemed fit, that they made one of the ships Wayfarer. This installment of the Wayfarer took the federation deeper and deeper into the recess' of the unknown. this ship was apart of the vast fleet sent to research the black nebula , where Starfleet's first encounters with the Breen showed to be unsuccessful.

Commanded by: Cdr. Valentyno Juraith
Name/registry: USS Wayfarer/NCC 1925
Status: Never found


The Dawnstar class Light Cruiser represents the cutting edge and flagship of the whole Starfleet Light Cruiser range of Starships. The Dawnstar class shares its history with the Ambassador and Galaxy class vessels which shows in the graceful lines of the Dawnstar class vessels. The Dawnstar class fits the multi-role purpose with great ease and contains excellent scientific equipment and ideal tactical systems for a vessel with a total crew of three hundred and eighty five and twenty decks with an additional two decks held in reserve.

Commanded By: Captain Michael Intermeezo, Captain Hayward "Kit" Kitchner
Name/Registry: USS Wayfarer/NCC 28181
Status: Never found


**All information/pictures were provided for this page from Star Trek Australia **