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This storyís told at the beginning
Posts from people missing
Thatís right, October 14th
Jordan and me

From the security log, it was our friend
Nice work, Darockhardhead
But he didnít do it, and he thinks we know that
Even though as of now it looks so bad
Sorry head, itís not that we were poking fun
Sometimes itís not the one holding the smoking gun
So far, there seems to be some support for your story
From the security log that we reported this morning

What we found was an IP from Kansas
In the past year, no posts of yours came from that address
Iím gonna call up IT and ask for identification
But then 9erMan has to weigh in
Apparently this IP belongs to our old friend J0rdan T@ber
But putting him behind bars will take more than labor
Well, Iím definitely taking this one as far as I can
Good work, 9erMan!
Nice scan, sorry that I yelled
Oh, he is so busted, Iím going to get him criminally charged and expelled
For now I need to know when he hacked--the exact date
And Iíll laugh if he gets put behind bars and ass raped
Hard, and contracts AIDS
He deserves it, heís such a loser
You may say itís just computers
But I hate this turd cuz Iím much much cooler!

Jordanís momís coming through, delete our musings
And donít give her any info, this secretís looming
Because when she posts, weíre going to edit it to make fun of Jordan
Then post her IP address on other forums
Haha, yeah Scott4949, maybe sheís a hermaphrodite
That would explain her lack of concern when he hacked our site
Isnít this disgusting people? I just lost my appetite
When thereís harassment, thatís it, itís just a nasty sight
His words are just racist and heís worse than a rapist
Glad you agree with me, this jerk is famous!
He threatened to choke me alive with his sack
He said he wished Iíd died in Iraq
He said McNabbís overrated because heís black
He said Masseiís stupid; T.O.ís freakishly (free-kuh-shleey)fast
He did it all unprovoked when people called him an idiot
For saying Owens is elusive and fast, and York doesnít penny pinch
These boards arenít public, and usernames are personal property
This is due payback because he hurt us all properly
We tried to warn you Jordan, but you just wouldnít listen
NowÖwellÖyou must go to prison
This was never about ruining his life, but protecting our lives
If I donít act now heís going to cause some deaths and more cries
Have you seen all the people heís aimed his hatred disses?
Not only that, he broke into our place of business
And then he cost us money playing with controls
And now you want to tell me your sonís not a criminal?
Sorry lady, I donít play that game
I donít think like that, I donít make that claim
I wonít sink to that, why donít you stay away?
Let your son get railroaded while we place the blame
Anyone who doesnít agree that action needs to be taken has problems
So Iím telling the world his private information to solve Ďem

We have a code red, Iíve informed the FBI and CIA
Theyíre going to put him on the ďno fly listĒ so he canít fly away
But what if we didnít get him in time? What if heís already there laughiní?
Weíre going to have to seal the borders, call down all air traffic
Thereís finally some justice, and now this jerk must live with it
We now have his social security and his birth certificate
If anyone knows his license plate number, please PM it to me
This might help if he tries to drive to Canada or Winnipeg, you see
Headís not really sure where Winnipeg is, seeing as he lives in Canada
To be honest Iím not sure either, but one thing Iím sure of--WE CANíT LET UP
This guyís been making us lose sleep for over the past two years
With his harassment and threats we all have to fear
Like you=dead, if thatís not a death threat, I dunno what is
I donít play that game, anyone who does should go cut wrists
And I mean their own, because thatís just illegal in every way
This kid is mentally disturbed, yesÖlet me just say
Iím going to make sure for all message boards that you pay your lesson
But this is NOT about revenge, youíd know that if you paid attention
So letís recap, we have a racist message
Some threats made in PMs and
Our irrefutable security log
Proving you hacked our site and committed perjury on
Our board when you said Darockhardheadís password was easy to crack
It most certainly was not--nobodyíd guess the teamís quarterback!
And this in addition to your threats of death and bodily harm
In addition to deleting posts while a mod was unarmed
In addition to trying to get the sweet and innocent fired from their place of work
You are a scumbag--you disgrace the earth
Essentially just a felon and mentally undeveloped
Getting you thrown in jail now is, well, just to help ya
I call up the DA, ask whether I should also file civil suit
Not only did he break the law, he hurt our fiscal, too
How much did our business lose, we have only a recent measurement
Right now, a few million would be a decent estimate (we need a settlement!)
By now both his parents are desperate as they cry to me
But itís not our fault your sonís a menace to society
He needs to learn his lesson about death wishes and privacy
Heís going down, with his messages the final piece
Arresting him will be difficult, but we sent 3 police units
The interrogation will commence once the cheese do it
In front of me, stupid, other photographers approach me
On the canvas, I need a better shot of my postings
Iím scheduled to appear on Larry King, but Iím busy that day
While Jordanís scheduled for Nancy Grace giving sad takes
But thereís one problem, Jordanís door is unlocked
The police waste their time with more gun shots
HOW CAN THIS BE? How can they let this sicko get away again on this?
If heís still on the streets someone might get death threats or racist messages
Plus he might get someone else fired, what if itís the chief of police?
And then he took over and all the convicts were freed on the streets?
Then millions could die, and he could get a scientist fired
And then theyíll never cure cancerÖon my thigh is a wire
Once they cuff him, Iím going to tell him my nameís not Tim
So heíll open up to me and they wonít have to aim on him
But heíd better not say anything negative about a member of a different race ~sigh~ Kids these days
The door handle is off, but now we have to tell his RA
I scream, ďPresident Kennedyís in danger, get the hell outta our way!Ē
We surround him in his dorm room, thatís when he turns to run
We surround him in his dorm room, thatís when he turns to run
Somebody kill himÖ.BEFORE he hurts someone