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Who am I?

Name: Diabolic Cytherea
Birth Date: Oct 8
Appearance: Weird
Best Trait: Gaze
Worst Trait: Temper
Characteristic: Devilish Angel

Likes: Anything that can rouse my interest. It cud be anything from a spider web to a spaceship.
Dislikes: Snobs, hypocrites, back stabbers, liars
Admires: Something or the other in people. Lot to learn from each one.
Hates: Losing, in any way possible. But if it was fair play, then I will definitely congratulate u.
Hobbies: Jack of All Trades

Now the question is, where exactly do I begin? Somehow I think I'm too vast for my own good. Not really meanin to be negative but I'm hard to figure out, even for myself. Like a code that just can't be tested, some new weird error creeps in with each execution. Right, right I'm a bit of a computer freak but not to worry, its just a 'bit' :)

As a person? I think I'm reasonably human though sometimes my thoughts do place me as a different specie altogether. Oh well, that's the way things are always with me. Super weird!! Anger and fire are what I'd describe myself as, come too close and I'll burn you. Some kind of a power mad creature. Speakin of myself in third person would make things easier, so lemme try.

She is by far a strange girl, unlike most. She cannot be described as a plain tomboy. She has skills, some are extremely excellent and some are too common for her liking. What does she like? That's another thought for she's not constant. She is as changeable as the wind. Today she's a cool wind, tomorrow she's a breeze, day after she's a gale and by the end of the week, she might have turned into a hurricane and wud have destroyed a lot. She has no control over her anger, it is a strange weapon, much like her tongue which is the sharpest thing to cross your path. Like many sharp tongued people, she doesn't really think before speaking. But this doesn't end here, she thinks a lot, A LOT. Its as if her mind never switches off. Constantly workin, sometimes schemin, sometimes plannin. Sometimes sweet and angelic and the very next moment a monster wud leap out. She is unpredictable and that's what makes people around her tread carefully. Hateful, this trait of hers but I guess she has to live with it.

Another thing noticeable about her is her ability to think very fast and store little bits of information. You might think that she probably doesn't know but strangely her memory is cursed. She remembers everything, pretty much like a video clip and can reproduce it, to the utmost detail(photographic memory). That is dangerous regardin things that have managed to rip the tough hide that she protects herself with. She remembers them and they are never really gone from her mind. It is amazing the way her mind can fly and the amount of times it has countered her. She talks to herself. People would call that crazy, who wouldn't? But she thinks that gives her a strange kind of an insight, she doesn't really lose a grip on dreams each time she sinks into reality. Her world is strange and magical, sometimes it reminds me of a child's fantasy but then again, that's what she is in the end. Just a child!! Rebellious, she hates being proved wrong. Under her calm appearance(rare), there are bad storms. She escapes the regular world just to let herself out at times. She cannot be stifled or suppressed for I've always seen her breakin free. Nothin holds her back. She can't stand losing. Appears to be happy go lucky but she actually is a pure perfectionist who would do anything to be the best in whatever interests her and most of the time I've seen her succeeding. She believes in herself a lot and has conversations with God at times. It sounds as if she's talkin on the phone and God's at the other end. Her concepts!! Oh well...

She is an observer, its as if she's just born to learn and learn a bit more. Sometimes that spirit of hers reminds me of a boy but so many things about her do make her a female. She is like clay, no-one in specific can mould her but when she decides to become like someone, I've seen her transform into an image of that very person. I'd describe that as Mystique of X-Men, though not that extreme a case. Gifted child, indeed!! She has too many abilities and sometimes I've seen her worrying that half her gifts are goin to get wasted in a routine life. She wants to change the world, even if anonymously. Lets see. Ah yes, I was talkin about Mystique. So Shivangini may not be a very good mimic but she is reasonable. Her observations and collected knowledge about a person can turn her into that very person. She thrives on change. But like a Parasite??

A confident extrovert who doesn't mind being a loner. She is willing to follow her own path even if no one supports her. A giant garden of secrets. She keeps a lot to herself. Not purely evil but I don't think she'd mind hurting anyone who managed to hurt her in any way. Life has changed somewhat of the good in her. I really have no clue as to how much is left. A prankster probably by birth. She has an excellent sense of humor and her company is never borin unless she really wants it to be. Imagination is her best friend. Nature, oceans, space are her interests.

The love life? Don't really hear her sayin much in that regard. She openly ridicules love and yet I know there still is a heart somewhere inside her. Not sure if she has the ability to feel anymore. Things don't affect her, people can't manage to create an impression on her. Its as if her insides are made of lead now. She puts up challenges to test people's limits. She is observing human emotions I suppose at the moment. Wants people to hurt her so that she can find out where she's still weak. I sometimes don't get it. An angel like her has a lot of the devil inside her. I guess that's what humans really are. Anger is her only emotion and its very wild.

I could go on about her but I know I'd sound completely crazy because I've managed to observe her as well. These are the things that have never changed about her. She is her own best friend and worst enemy. What a critic!! Her compliments are rare.. Criticism? Ask for it and she'll have a load of it to hand over. She merges into any situation, any group, effortlessly. I think the amount of knowledge that she maintains and memory help her a lot in this case. Personally, I feel she has a lot to learn about people in general, along with her own emotions. She seems to have no control on them.

I think that's the first time I've really decided to talk about me. I know u think I'm completely crazy. I don't blame u :)