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Epic Point's Rules (EP)

If you choose to have mods here is sites to get some.

A collection of lots of different mods.

Guild Promotion

What the ranks are.

Stewie Griffin - Guild master
Peter Griffin - Guild masters assistants(have been in guild for 2 months)
Lois Griffin - Have invited 20 people total
Chris Griffin - Have invited 10 people total
Meg Griffin - Everyone who has been invited to the guild
somones alt - The people who abuse the guild chat priviliges will be put here, you will be unable to talk in guild chat but you will be able to read it.

For guild events go to GEM for unspoken
it is a mod and u will need to load outofdate addons. Ask guildies if you do not understand how to activcate the mod in warcraft. For questions ask Run(the guild master)or cinsalot. (preferably on vent). for my preferred mods go to Cin