The Unity Church of the Firstborn is a Book of Mormon believing Church affiliated with the UNITY School of Christianity, founded in 1891 by Charles Fillmore, the reincarnation of the Prophet Joseph Smith, in Jackson County, Missouri.

We are the spiritual heir of the "Church of the First Born" founded by the Prophet Cainan (George Williams) in the 1860s, in Utah.

The Living Prophet of the Unity Church of the Firstborn is Douglas Wallace...

Brother Wallace was called as a Prophet, Seer, Revelator as a young boy in Ogden, Utah, when the Archangel Michael appeared to him. In 1975 Wallace was excommunicated from the LDS Church for ordaining a black men to the Mormon Priesthood (at that time blacks were banned from the Mormon Priesthood and Mormon Temples). Wallace's excommunication drew national and international media attention.

In January, 1979, Wallace received this Revelation, directed towards "The Brethren" (leaders of the Mormon Church):

"Listen to the words of Alpha and Omega, the Beginning and the End, for they are sharp as a two-edged sword, to dividing asunder the marrow of the bone...Behold I say unto you, ye have hardened your hearts and deafened your ears. Have I not revealed that all men are alike unto me, black and white, bond and free, male and female, Jews and Gentile? Why then do you not obey my voice? Why do you discriminate against your black brethren? Ye are the sons of the Pharisees, saying one thing and doing another...." (Millennial Messenger, March-April 1978)
Five months later, on June 8th 1978, LDS Church President Spencer W. Kimball lifted the 130 year old priesthood-ban, allowing black Mormons to become priesthood-holders and enter Mormon Temples.

Assisting the Living Prophet is the Council of Apostles....

Among the doctrines and believes of The Unity Church of the Firstborn are....

*Joseph Smith Jr. was a true Prophet of God.

*His true successor was not Brigham Young, but James Strang.

*Charles Fillmore (1854-1948) was the reincarnation of Joseph Smith.

*UNITY is the mustard-seed of the City of New Jerusalem.

*Joseph Morris (shot by a Mormon Sheriff's Posse in 1862) was a true Prophet and martyr.

*George Williams (the Prophet Cainan) was a true Prophet of God.

*The Spirit Prevails (The Book of the Prophet Joseph Morris) is Divine Revelation.

*Prophecy, visions, and Revelations continue today via the Living Prophet of the Unity Church of the Firstborn.

*The phrase "Eternal Lives" in the Doctrine & Covanants refers to reincarnation.

*We are NOT a polygamy practicing group! We do not practice nor condone polygamy. We are NOT a "Mormon Fundamentalist" group!

*Jesus has already returned, reincarnated as a Palestinian man-child in 1909, in Jerusalem.

The leaders of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints claim to be "Prophets/Seers/Revelators"; yet, not one of them actually prophesies, sees visions, nor receives "Thus saith the Lord" Revelations! How then are they "Prophet/Seers/Revelators"?

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