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From "How to Contact Space People" by Mr. Ted Owens (PK Man)

Saucerian Press, Clarksburg West Virginia 1969



Now the action began to get faster, and "furiouser".

Here is a copy of the letter I sent to the Editor of the Philadelphia Daily News on August 18, 1965.

"Dear Sir:

In your story, "Blonde Gets Black Eye as 'Thing' Attacks Car",
in your 8/17/65 paper, the mother of the girl who was attacked -
and they were both in the car during the attack by the seven-foot,
400 lb. "monster" - has the name of Rose Owens.  The girl who was
attacked, then was named Owens before her marriage.

A strange coincidence.

The Wednesday previously I appeared on the Jack McKinney Show,
Station WCAU, here in Philadelphia, and Mr. McKinney was kind
enough to read a three-page letter, or message, given to me
by the UFO intelligences to pass on to the American people.
So what?  What is the coincidence?  My name is Ted Owens!"

Now, for the reader's benefit, I must explain here that the Si's try to tell humans things by making certain actions occur. For instance, one Si craft led a string of police cars not long ago for a long distance (they were following it, and it was making sure that the police cars kept up with it by stopping and waiting for them once in a while). The Si craft led them to Freedom, Pa. Here the Si's were trying to tell the humans, in their own way, that they, and only they, could lead the United States to freedom - freedom from war, from killing, from hate, from drought, etc.

Then the 'Michigan Monster' appeared, just days after Jack McKinnery read the Si message over the radio, and attacked a girl whose maiden name was Owens. The incident was sure to get into the papers where I would see it, and I would know the Si's acknowledged gratefully their message getting to the American people over the radio. Sixteen different people had seen the monster, but it didn't really hurt a single person. Therefore the Si's were trying to show by act that they had no harmful intent towards humans. Perhaps you would be interested in the clipping story which appeared in the newspapers.


Monroe, Michigan, UPI.

What weighs more than 400 pounds, smells moldy, growls
like a mad dog, and dislikes automobiles?

Answer - the Monroe County Monster.  That was the latest
on the "thing" that has been sighted here and there in Monroe
County during the past two months by at least 16 persons,
including Christine Van Acker, a 17-year-old blonde.

Miss Van Acker, who goes to a beautician school here,
has a black eye she said was inflicted by the monster
Friday night.

State police were checking her story and patrolling
the area at night northeast of the southern Michigan city.
Miss Van Acker gave this story of the encounter :

"I was driving mother, Mrs. Rose Owens, home. Suddenly
there was this bump and a hairy arm grabbed me by the hair.
It wasn't human or anything.  I tried to go faster but
the car stalled."

The girl fainted.  Mrs. Owens, who jumped out of the car
and ran for help, described the ordeal like this.

"The first I knew there was this bang and an arm came
through the window. Christine yelled, 'Mommy, help me!
Oh my God, help!"  I told her to get the car going...
but it stalled.  The monster had his paw entwined in her hair
and kept banging her head on the side of the car.

(Note: Still it didn't hurt her... this was to make a big new story that would help me in Philadelphia - Owens),

and I decided the best thing to do was go for help.
When I got back with other people, Christine was semi-conscious,
and the monster was gone.

The monster was at least seven feet tall,
weighed about 400 pounds, and it had a long reach.

It was all covered with black, bristly hair,
and towards the end of the hair it was silver.
You couldn't see its face, there was so much hair.
And it growled.  It had a real growl, and definitely was not a bear.
Christine said she was sure it was not a bear
because bears have fur and this thing had prickly hair like thorns.
She also said she was sure it was not a prankster
'because nobody human would do anything like that!'"

The monster sightings have occurred in Frenchtown and
Ashe townships within the last 60 days.  One man reported
the monster climbed onto his car, and thumped on the roof
and fenders before disappearing into the woods.  A woman
reported she saw the monster and it smelled moldy. 

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