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Attempting to Avert a Conflict Between Nick and Jonathan, Ben Carefully Explains that it was, in fact, The Princess Pat who Stole the Cookie from the Cookie Jar...

Ben Offers the Children a Lesson in the Correct way to Point at Two People at Once

"Hah Hah Hah, A Mime. Gosh, That Just Keeps Getting Funnier, Kristin!"

Early Costume Designs, While "Unique," left the Cast Feeling Pretty. Oh So Pretty.

Jessica and Abby Pose for the Camera, while, in the Background, Kristin Recovers from a Tragic Agazimbah Accident.

So I says to Her: "You Think You Got it Bad? My Siamese Twin Has to Keep His Finger in His Belly Button or He'll Deflate!"

Nick Suddenly Gets Vinnie's Joke About the Nun Rolling Down the Stairs.

Jerry's Amazing Hat Trick Wasn't Terribly Amazing After The 5th Performance.

Kristin Looks On, While Gary and Vinnie Nearly Come to Blows over the Best Way to Cook Calimari. Jon Suddenly Realizes That Calimari is just a Fancy Word for Fried Squid.

Holy Ghost! Holy Ghost?? This is Not an Episode of Scooby Doo!