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She stands five foot six, slender of build but with ample breasts and nicely curved hips, proportionate to her body, yet alluringly feminine. Her flesh is very pale and as soft as brushed velvet. Her features delicate, leading one to think her weak, yet she is toned, a warrior's body despite her slimness.Her eyes a deep, crystalline blue, complimenting her deep golden hair, the strands bleached from the sun in varying shades from wheat to purest gold. Falling just past her waist, it frames her face drawing attention to the perfection of her visage. On the inside of her right arm, just above her wrist, is her Family Crest, a flaming downturned sword before a golden disc, the same mark that decorates her shield. In the lobe of each ear is a silver ring, two more adorning the cartilege of her left ear, a silver chain almost as thin as a strand of spider's silk connecting them to the one in the lobe. A silver stud is pierced through her tongue, and even more piercings are evident when she is naked, rings pierced through both nipples, and even her clit. Tattoos adorn her lower body, dark metallic ink contrasting with that pale flesh, tribal designs working down each hip and along her outer thighs, the art nearly reaching her knees. A smaller tattoo is etched into the flesh beneath her navel, another tribal design in a wide 'v' shape, stretching just an inch short of either hip, with a heart at its lowest point, dipping almost to her crotch, and often obscured by whatever garments she might be wearing.