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The pictures below were featured on the cover of the London weekly "The European".

This attrocity was carried out in April 1995 in the Hakkari district in southeastern Turkey by Turkish soldiers, members of the Hakkari Mountain Brigadier Command. The victims were four members of the People's Liberation Army of Kurdistan (ARGK).

Stop This Savagery

"Soldiers posing for photographs with decapitated heads is totally unacceptable to decent-thinking people across the world." - Pauline Green, leader of the Socialist Group in the European Parliament.

This savagery is not limited to the Kurdish regions of Turkey. During an operation in Iraq in March and April 1995 members of the Turkish armed forces massacred seven shepherds in Dahok in the same manner.

In Kurdistan, people have been forced to eat excrement. Dead bodies have been raped. People have been chopped to pieces, sometimes while still alive. Their brains have been spilled out.

Where, in the closing years of the twentieth century, has such a thing occurred?

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