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Drawing of an astronaut reading a book.  Inspired by the photo of Apollo 11 astronaut Buzz Aldrin on the moon (July 20, 1969) in the LIFE Photo Archive.

Issue #6, scheduled for Fall 2013: "Diversity" Currently reading submissions!

People have many differences. It makes life a lot more interesting. Many differences are benign.

But what about differences in moral opinions? What happens when we think we have a better or more correct moral opinion than someone else? Should we attempt to persuade them to our point of view? If they refuse to conform, should we condemn them? Or should their opinions be tolerated as just another kind of diversity?

Another way of approaching the theme of diversity: What is our responsibility to people who are different from others around them and who might be especially vulnerable because of it?

And, as a follow-up...

Issue #7, scheduled for Spring 2014: "Democracy"

How should a diverse group of people work together to make decisions for their collective good?

Submissions of writing and black-and-white art on the upcoming theme of "Diversity" can be sent to before July 1, 2013. Details and updates can be found at Letters to the editor and other feedback are also welcome.

Please include your bio, your photo, a mailing address to which to send your contributor's copy of the magazine, and a mailing address or a PayPal address to which to send your contributor's compensation.

Suggested formats:

- Academic essays, personal narratives, or fiction of approximately 1000 words (this word count is a suggestion, not an absolute rule). Footnotes are acceptable.

- Brief reflections of under 250 words or questions posed to other readers.

- Book reviews of any relevant literature: new or old, classic or obscure

- Poems

- Black-and-white art or photographs that will reproduce well on pages 8.5" high and 5.5" wide

- Cartoons

- Letters to the editor

If you're not sure if you can make the deadline, just drop me a line so I know to expect something from you.

Languages other than English will be considered, particularly for shorter pieces. The editor has reading knowledge of Spanish, Italian, and German. Providing an English translation would be helpful.

Themes for other upcoming issues

...please submit your ideas!

Frequently Asked Questions

What approaches are you interested in?
Humor, anecdotes, interdisciplinary thought, genius, surprises, irony. Atheism...and religion. Tradition...and revolution. Sincere inquiry. Dialogue. Respectful disagreement. Precise, thoughtful, arrestingly beautiful writing. Speculative fiction. Doggerel verse. Urgent and critical questions facing humanity. Having fun.
Is there anything I can't do?
Writers and artists are encouraged to question the questions themselves and to bend the terms of the discussion. You may do just about anything in your submission as long as it comes from a place of honesty and compassion.
A few rules:
1. Don't be mean.
2. If you use the term "relativism," you must define it. That's not a quiz to see if you can match someone else's definition; it's to make your own work as clear as possible. You're free to use the word "relativism" in an unusual or controversial way, as long as you explain what you are doing.
3. Avoid the gender-neutral masculine, e.g. say "humanity" instead of "mankind."
What rights are you requesting?
Non-exclusive anthology rights for a publication available in print and on the Internet via a PDF for purchase. Previously published work will be considered for publication in Moral Relativism Magazine, provided, of course, that the previous publisher consents. Once published in Moral Relativism Magazine, you are free to submit the same work to be reprinted elsewhere.