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Issue 4 - Marriage and Divorce
Cover of Moral Relativism Magazine, Issue 4

Issue #4, July 2012
"Marriage and Divorce"

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How do the legal and religious meanings of marriage and divorce affect our relationships and our beliefs?
"Introduction: The Marriage and Divorce Issue"from the Editor's Desk
"Commitment: The Path to Finding Shalom in Marriage"Garrett Smith
"Be Love: An Exploration of our Deepest Desire"Zenju Earthlyn Manuel
"Marriage - Why? Does God (or the State) Care?"Keith Redfern
"My 'Bad First Time': How I Learned to Love My Sexuality" Kristen Stubbs
"I Don't See a Ring on My Finger" Gabriel Rothblatt
Poetry: "Pecan Pie Kills Lonesome" and "Cultural Exchange"Roger Dunsmore
Poetry: "There is no ritual of divorce"Joshua Burson
Fiction: "A Rainy Day" and "El Santo"Piotr Wesolowski
Book review: "Ethics Without God by Kai Nielsen" Siobhain M. Cullen
with cover art byTrius Fernsler