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Issue 3 - How Not to Be Wrong
Cover of Moral Relativism Magazine, Issue 3

Issue #3, January 2012
"How Not to Be Wrong"

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No one wants to be wrong -- not factually, not morally. But how can we detect error? What are the benefits of recognizing error?
"Introduction: How Not to Be Wrong"from the Editor's Desk
"The Folly of Being Right"Matthew Arbeit Lowe
"In Praise of Error" - read online on Michael's blogMichael van Dijk
"Do You Believe in Chaos?"Sarah Parrish
"Take One Dose of Mystery, Add Two Spoons of Paradox, and Stir " Francis Harris
"Pragmatic Moral Relativism" - read online on Francisco's blog Francisco Mejia Uribe
"Knowledge Roots Out Prejudice: Avoiding the Harm Caused by Inaccurate Stereotypes" Maria C. Collins
"Saudi Women Get the Vote, But When Will They Drive?"Katerina Nikolas
"Moral Relativism and Responsibility"DuWayne Brayton
"I Couldn't Live Like This Anymore!"Kelly Elliott
"The Development of Criteria for Establishing Death in Jewish Law"Israel Berger
"Attack Assumptions, Seek the Truth"Kim Mejia-Cuellar
Book Review: Being Wrong: Adventures in the Margin of Error by Kathryn Schulz Natalya Machnaigh
Book Review: The Moral Landscape by Sam Harris Chad Trainer
Book Review: Idiot America: How Stupidity Became a Virtue in the Land of the Free by Charles Pierce - read online on Frank's blog Frank S. Robinson
Book Review: Everything is Obvious (Once You Know the Answer): How Common Sense Fails Us by Duncan J. Watts Abigail W. Stevens
Poetry: "Di Vayse Pave"Sonya Taaffe
Fiction: "A Seafarer's Gospel"James deBoer
with art byMaya Lilja Anderson