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Issue 2 - Digging for Secular Answers
Cover of Moral Relativism Magazine, Issue 2

Issue #2, July 2011
"Digging for Secular Answers"

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Is it possible that theism provides the only coherent moral philosophy? What are some secular justifications of ethics?
"Can Atheists Be Moral?"Chad Trainer
"Common Ground"Walker Bristol
"'O eternal-in-vain': Working out Right and Wrong for Ourselves"Keith Redfern
"The Heart of Our Actions"Milton Johanides
"The Measure of Morality: Doing Good Without Promise of Reward"Natalya Machnaigh
"Religion and Revolutions in the Middle East"Zahra Syeda Hamdani
"What's G-d Got to Do With It?" Shamariya Gershon
"Book Analysis: Ethics Without God, by Kai Nielsen"Michael Totten
"Book Analysis: More Moral Than God, by Charlene P. E. Burns"from the Editor's Desk
"Secular Humanist Hymn"Jo Walton
"Villanelle: Tikkun Olam (Repairing the World)"Jacqueline Osherow
"Be not Defeated by the Rain"Kenji Miyazawa, trans. by David Sulz
"The Tragedy of the Man with a Cello (Part 2 of 2)"Piotr Wesolowski
with art byJonathan Stogner
Thea Gahr