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Issue 1 - What is Moral Relativism?
Cover of Moral Relativism Magazine, Issue 1

Issue #1, January 2011
"What is Moral Relativism?"

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The term "moral relativism" is used in various philosophical debates. Is morality dictated by people or by God How should we treat people who disagree with us?

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"Which Values?"Michael Schleifer
"Beyond Plato and Postmodernism: Thoughts on Susan Bordo's Twilight Zones"from the Editor's Desk
"Abite Laeti, Abite Locupletes"Sonya Taaffe
"Moral Principle and Material Interest"Ambrose Bierce
"Getting Mad Does Not Make You a Relativist: Reflections on Larry Beinhart's Salvation Boulevard"from the Editor's Desk
"Relative to What?"Mark Alfano
"Lazy"Seth Brown
"A View from the Vatican: On the papal encyclical Veritatis Splendorfrom the Editor's Desk
"The Tragedy of the Man with a Cello (Part 1 of 2)"Piotr Wesolowski