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Photo of Tucker Lieberman with a kronosaurus, Harvard Museum of Natural History, 2012.
Larking about with the Kronosaurus
at the Harvard Museum of Natural History

Tucker Lieberman is the editor of Moral Relativism Magazine.

His latest work is Wild Mushrooms, a book of poems about life change.

His poems have been published in Snakeskin, Ariga and Flutter. His essays are published widely, including in an anthology that won a Lambda Literary Award in 2011. His formal studies were in philosophy and journalism.

Many of his essays can be found on his blogs Disruptive Dissertation and Dead Men Blogging.

Tucker is an avid reader with over 800 books listed on Goodreads that he's read since 2002.

He works in technology and finance. You can find more information on LinkedIn.

For more information about his work:
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