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Trinity's Sunday school is fun for all ages.  We believe that we are a small part of God's great plan.  Trinity-Kidz are encouraged to know Jesus Christ personally and through their relationship with Christ will become the Godly leaders of tomorrow.  An early formation of a close relationship with Christ will last a lifetime.  It is the gift that keeps on giving (thanks Hallmark).    

Here is how our Trinity-Kidz Sunday School works

Sunday School starts with our Trinity-Kidz being involved with the beginning part of our Sunday morning (10 am) adult worship service.  After worshiping for a bit, the children are asked to come forward for a brief children's message.   When the children's message is done they are dismissed to their classes for a 45 minute lesson.  These lessons are fun filled, jam packed with activities and are brimming with lots of age sensitive and practical biblical life lessons.       


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