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Welcome to my website!
Here, you will find many street lights I photograph whenever I travel.
This website was founded on July 29, 2006.


10/2/2020 - NEW PAGE!!! Page 29 is now up.

6/23/2020 - NEW PICS!!! New pics from Abington, Rockland and Hanover added to page 28.

6/3/2020 - HEALTH ALERT! CODE RED!!! In light of reopening Massachusetts as announced by Governor Charlie Baker, Phase 1 is currently underway. When Brockton Area and MBTA reopen to passengers, I may continue to ride the system and continue to take pictures of street lights. We will not be able to continue fully until at least Phase 3 or 4. Please visit for details.
Please visit for details.

But in the meantime, I wanna thank all of you for your support over the last 14 years.

4/28/2020 - HEALTH ALERT! CODE RED!!! Due to the Coronavirus outbreak, all commutes (with the exception of Whitman, MA once a month) have been suspended since March 16, 2020 and will remain suspended until further notice. We apologize for any inconvenience.

4/23/2020 - NEW LINK! Added a new link to the links page.

3/16/2020 - HEALTH ALERT! CODE RED!!! Due to the Coronavirus outbreak, all street light photography commutes are suspended until further notice. We apologize for any inconvenience.

3/11/2020 - At long last, I found the Everlight Electronic SL-Dolphin from Jamaica Plain, Boston dayburning. Look for them at the bottom of page 28.

1/20/2020 - NEW PAGE! - Added page 28.

4/23/2013 WE NOW HAVE A FACEBOOK PAGE!!! - Click here to visit our Facebook page. And be sure to "Like" us!.

Since I don't drive a car, I take the following MBTA transit services: MBTA bus, Red/Orange/Blue Line subways! Click on the the above image to go to

First-time visitors must read our policy before viewing any pictures!

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