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Brief History:
Topnovil are an old skool punk outfit who formed in 1997 after the break up of two other local bands Trauma and Negative ten. D.D, Daim and Ray recruited friend and drummer Sam Shortland and immediatley started writing songs and planning a trip to the recording studio.

Topnovil played there first show on the 2nd of May 1997 six days after they formed - they played three originals and three covers and since have not looked back. After a few more local shows they had raised enough to record and independently release their debut cd a 7 track EP titled "Keen as a mule". The cd began selling slowly but after Topnovil played more shows there popularity in the local scene increased as did cd sales. At the end of 1999 drummer Sam Shortland was replaced by Michael Seddon a guitarist and songwriter who, with the help of D.D, became Topnovil's new drummer. With this change came new songs and new directions. In the new year of 1998 Topnovil decided it was time to explore beyond the Wollongong and hunt for exposure in the Sydney market which proved successful and led to tours to Melbourne with Melbourne's successful punk band No Idea. Along with these tour Topnovil were playing alot of local shows and receiving increased exposured from shows such as Kiama's "Blow out" festivals. In November 1998 Topnovil had songs "Scenario" and "Wasted" selected to be on CareFactor?ZeroRekordz compitlation "This is Punk'o'Clock too" along side such bands as H-Block 101, Mach Pelican, No Idea and The last hemeroids just to name a few. 1999 for Topnovil included alot of touring from Sydney to Melbourne establishing themselves firmly in both scenes and recording for a forthing split release with fellow wollongong band Neveready. At the begining of 2000 the Neveready/Topnovil split cd entitled "4+3=2" was released starting off selling well and because of continued touring to Sydney, Melbourne, The Blue mountains and more recently Queensland is continuing still to sell quite well.

In June 2001 Topnovil released a new five song demo cd "Trash Radio" with their new drummer Adam Brady.
At the same time Topnovil were selected to represent NSW with as a finalist with track "Action Boy" in the Channel V punk off state of origin Competition and along with western Sydney band Second best were crowned winners. As for the rest of 2001 it's more of the same recording and touring hopefully for another release at the end of the year.