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Misc. Allen Family Files - For the Team

The following links are to files I have collected from other researchers or my own digging into the Allen family history. I thought they might be better used by sharing with the Allen Team. Many of you will have most of this stuff, others new to the team may not. I don't have the time to put much effort into making it all pretty or detailed as I'm currently in school trying to get my bachelors degree by the end of this year. Hopefully, in the future, I'll be able to do more. Until then, here are the files in a kind of 'potluck' fashion, hope they help someone!

To save your own copy of the file, right click on the link and use the "save target as" option.


NEW - Johnston Family Files

MaryEvettsProbate Allen_x_00100479.pdf
Allen Petition Allen_x_04100463.pdf
Allen Allen_x_04100464.pdf


Allen_00200182.pdf Allen_x_04100466.pdf
Allen_00200183.pdf Allen_x_04100467.pdf
Allen_00200184.pdf allenltr
Allen_00200185.pdf allenwil
Allen_00200186.pdf Austin Co Marriages 1823-60
Allen_J_13200127.pdf Austin Co Marriages.txt
Allen_J_13200128.pdf Beltnote
Allen_J_13200129.pdf Dr Jesse Dodson Will
Allen_JB_00200061.pdf AllenBio
Allen_JB_00200062.pdf Ephraim B January 1842 letter
Allen_JB_00200063.pdf FromAuntThelma'sPapers.pdf
Allen_JB_00200064.pdf Hiram_Allen1.pdf
Allen_JB_00200065.pdf Hiram_Allen2.pdf
Allen_JW_13200121.pdf Hiram_Allen3.pdf
Allen_JW_13200122.pdf Hiram_Allen4.pdf
allen_lake Hiram_Allen5.pdf
JamesandNancyfile.pdf Hiram_Allen6.pdf
Petition M Allen 1836 Hiram_Allen7.pdf
MNASuccession1.jpg added 4/29/06  
MNASuccession2.jpg added 4/29/06  
MNASuccession3.jpg added 4/29/06  
MNASuccession4.jpg added 4/29/06  
MNASuccession5.jpg added 4/29/06  
MNASuccession6.jpg added 4/29/06  
MNASuccession7.jpg added 4/29/06  
MNASuccession8.jpg added 4/29/06