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Tina's web site

My favorite teams are FHSU,Otis-Bison Cougars, and WSU. My favorite flowers is Crazy Daisies!!


Tina Pechanec

My favorite Subjects
  1. Social Studies best teacher in the world!!
  2. English
  3. Math
  4. Computer
  5. Science

    My favorite singers
    1. Paula Deanda
    2. Keith Urban he is cute!!
    3. American Rejects
    4. Nickleback
    5. Josh Turner
    6. Fallout Boy
    7. Dierks Bently

      My favorite colors
      1. Red
      2. Blue
      3. Pink
      4. Bright Green
      5. I know its weird but i like black
      6. purple stinky KSU
      7. Teal blue and royal
      8. Orange