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Fredericton High School

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Fredericton high school has a great history. In 1917, night school classes were instituted and three courses were offered. The cornerstone for the high school located on the corner of Regent and George Streets was laid November 7, 1924, and the new school was opened for classes in 1925 with an enrollment of 425 students In 1931 an annex of five classrooms and a garage was added to accommodate the increasing number of students. After World War II the high school continued to expand, continuing to offer academic, commercial and vocational courses. The graduation class of 1952 was the first from the new twelve year programme. A gymnasium was added in 1953-54 since overcrowding had necessitated the conversion of the former gymnasium and auditorium areas into classroom space. The last year in which grade nine students were included in the enrollment of Fredericton High School was 1956-57. In September 1961 an annex consisting of twelve classrooms and two staff rooms was opened. The phenomenal growth of the high school required the moving of the grade tens (academic and commercial) in September of 1964 to the former Teacher's College Building located on Queen Street. It became necessary in September 1976 to return the Business Education department (formerly the Commercial Department) to the former York Street School. Nineteen sixty-nine saw the opening of the Business Education Wing of the Fredericton High School Complex on Prospect Street, leaving the York Street School available for use by the trades preparatory students from the Industrial and Home Economics departments. The industrial wing of the new Prospect Street Complex was opened in September 1970. At that time the total enrollment of Fredericton High School was approximately 2000 for the three locations. All F.H.S. students moved to the Complex upon the completion of the Academic win gin December 1971. At the time the enrollment reached approximately 2400. In the late fall of 1972 the Complex was completed with the addition of facilities for the cafeteria, administrative offices, guidance suite, music and dramatic arts and gymnasiums. In 1985, F.H.S. celebrated its Bicentennial. It was more that a remembrance of the past - it is our statement of our faith in the future. In 1996, F.H.S. had a student enrollment of 2815 and a faculty of 154. In 1999, the new Northside high school, Leo Hayes High School, was opened. The FHS student body now numbers approximately 1800 with a faculty of 100 teachers. F.H.S. welcomes you to its third century with the conviction that it rests on a firm foundation of proven excellence and with the assurance that this tradition is no less honored today.
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