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Jay's Blog
Sunday, 15 January 2006

Topic: music
yo i'm so fly with alil ghetto on the side
i love gettin high n lookin into the sky
thinkin about wut life has instore for me
this is how life is suppost to be
with no worries ready to do anythin that comes to mind
this is my sign
from the man above
he is given me alil bit of love
he wants me to pass it on to everybody around here
so have no fear
ladies, i'llbe there in a min.
so just spread ur legs open and wait for me to get up in it
i love eatin ur pussy
and smackin ur tussy
its like a chinesse man eatin some sushi
its how i was brought up in this world
i'm a vinnala swirl
pshyically white
mentally i'm black
so just sit back and relax and listen to my spittin
without dissin

Posted by planet/thevagansta at 1:50 PM EST
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Topic: music
i have a nigga on my left
i have a nigga on my right
yea bitchs we here to fight
u knew it was gonna be a long night
when we walked into ur sight
with the 9's behind our backs
blood on our hats
we don't play around when it comes to this shit
we puttin u in a casket
u think u can sell u drugs on our strrets
and have out girls beat ur meat
well, think again, u just made a big sin
and in this town, we always win
we run everything around here
put all our guest into fear
nigga didn't u hear
we ran this town since 6th grade
don't work and we still get paid
bitchs have us on speed dial
and have already walked that isle
they go home to their man everyday
but still want dis dick, wut else could i say
i played my cards right
now they blow up my phone all nite
i'm the one who broke that shit in when it was tight
but its all right

Posted by planet/thevagansta at 1:43 PM EST
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Mood:  chillin'
Topic: music
once i walk into that door
you gonna wish u was never born
i start emptin my shells into ur chest
then aim at ur head and get rid of the rest
its like a contest
to see who can take the heat
and not go down wit defeat
its alil hard to do that in this game
cause when i walk in, all the rules change
i know it is alil strange
how alil kid makes such an impact
and not even carry around a gat
i say my shit wit cashion
cause i don' want to end up into a coffin
when i was sellin doe
i had that money cash flow
but now i'm clean and stay on the low
yea i'm 16
but someone fuck wit me
there will be a murder scene

Posted by planet/thevagansta at 1:37 PM EST
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