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=ST= ~Supa Troopas~ SQUAD

Hello and welcome. This is the official page for the Supa Troopas =ST=. Recruitment is by invitation only by My self $!M()N=ST= or any other squad member. If you have not yet been invited please speek to me or any other squad member and you glady will be excepted into the squad once I or any other player on the squad see's that you have the neccesary skills to join-but dont worry you dont have to be perfect just have fun and do your best. =ST= is a new and growing squad and will glady except you into our squad. There is no age requirement but we do expect you to be mature. We are a cheat free squad and cheaters will be booted out of the squad. So if your a DF2 fan and would like to join this squad just talk to me or any other squad member with the "=ST=" tags on and we'll see if you have what it takes to join our squad. =ST= will never turn down a fight, no matter how good the enemy may be, we are just looking looking for a good time and show them what we've got. I will often host matches in the password games under the server =ST= as well as the public games under =ST= related names. In password games the password will be normally be "abc123" No email is recquired to join the squad, I will contacted you on DF2 and on this web page. I will not ask you for any personal information. If you have maps you would like to host feal free I will rarely ever turn down the chance to play a new map.

Greatest part about =ST= is